Tenda w268r wireless-n broadband router

I am buying TENDA W268R WIRELESS-N BROADBAND ROUTER to use with PTCL Broadband.

any one having any experience??

One of TPLINK router have same price, go for that, atleast tplink has reputation over tenda.

I was also thinking to buy tenda thinking it have lowest price, but after searching on net found that tp link also has one model in this price.

Bought tplink WR740N 4 days ago, it is working fine, go for tp link as this one have 5dbi detachable antenna, so signal strength will be better then tenda.

I got this same model about a few dayn's ago .......... workin absolutely fine en ofcourse installs much easily than the regular manual istallation if you buy tp-link . I think it would be a very smart step to get tenda w268r .

I have a Tenda Wireless Adaptor in my home PC and its running without a problem for the past 2 years so i can vouch for them.