Tenda 150M Portable 3G Router - HELP


I need help regarding my Tenda 150M Portable 3G Router. I have been using it for the past 4 years and it has been working fine but since last week, I can't browse internet on both of my laptops or cell phones. The wifi is connected:

If I ping through command prompt, I do get a reply like this:


But when I try to browse the internet through any of the devices, I am unable to do so.


any help would be appreciated. I have restarted the router many times, I did reset it to default settings and all those stuff but still, the same.

Try to check the firewall settings in the router , PLUS delete the DNS entries .

I dont see any firewall settings etc in the router panel. DNS is picked automatically. I have also tried Google DNS.

Are you sure the router isn't forcing ISP DNS regardless of your DNS settings?

Asad, I am not sure about that. How do I check it? I am not a very technical person. Will ipconfig show me that?

Check your router's LAN, DHCP and WAN config.

that ping time.