Telnor to invest $2.5 billion IF

Telenor to invest $2.5 billion in pakistan if they get 3G license(Dawn News report)

a seprate license is needed for them to offer 3G services? all operators have paid $250 million each already i think they should be allowed 3G licenses too so that they could roll out 3G services

Nice, we may wait for so called 3G and will received much better gprs or edge on 3G. I said this because GPRS / EDGE not providing maximum speed what it can.

If we make them to pay more millions of dollars then obviously the 3G service that they'll roll out will be expensively priced,which obviously will be a negative thing as telecom users here want affordable and better service,to recover their investments telecom operators would have no option but to charge high prices and high prices would mean common man won't be able to use this service.

So it would be better if PTA charge them a reasonable 3G license fee and make sure they roll out affordable tariffs

i Love 3G wow

hope they will be able to launch 3G in 2009

There is little correlation between the licensing fees and the fees the providers would charge to consumers. The question of when 3G would be introduced is related more the viability of services for the local market; i.e. how much data usage is currently being seen by the providers, what are the new services they could roll out that would tangibly improve their business etc...

Remember licenses are assets, they can be bought and effectively sold, so whether people pay 250 million or 450 million USD, it makes absolutely no difference.

Yar.. This kind of forign investment is really useless.. They throw and chawani and take out a rupee every three years... Look at nestle for example.. A monoply and taking most of the profilts out...

All foreign companies doing same looting us and our Pakistani businessman, bureaucrats and leaders just sitting watching.

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Yar… This kind of forign investment is really useless… They throw and chawani and take out a rupee every three years… Look at nestle for example… A monoply and taking most of the profilts out…

Mind explaining to me if it is their fault? I consider it to be nobody’s but our own fault. We do not have the guts to do something positive for ourself. We are corrupt. Corrupt to the grass root level.

Sorry for the emotional tidbit but thats how I feel.

yup it'd be fun using EDGE on 3G. atleast we'll get full speeds then. i hate getting 90kbps download on a 236kbps edge modem.