Telenor Weirdness?

Sending multiple messages to the receiver? (I have verified, it's not the phone problem). Network busy messages. Call drops, itself.

Is it just me?

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Sending multiple messages to the receiver? (I have verified, it’s not the phone problem). Network busy messages. Call drops, itself.

Is it just me?


yeah i also have the same problem

and also when i send an sms it arrives hours later to the receipient

Network busy, yes. Multiple messages, no. However, messages aren't getting delivered easily.

Call dropping: I can't say - but as far as my experience is concerned, it's fine (i.e. no drops so far)

Works fine for me in Lahore. the only problem i get is that balance check works after 2-3 tries

By multiple messages do you mean being charged twice (or more) for the same message?

yep there is hell of a problem in ISB with Telenor when i try to make a call i see network busy. when sending a msg usaully unable to send sms or msg sending failed. i dont know what they are upto.

Dil kharab ho gaya hai Telenor se. i will surely ask them about this problem (if call is been recieved :( )

Telenor is crap, I've been using it for the past two years and all I've been having is problems.

These days it is worse, calls don't go though even after trying 10's of times.

telenor is following the footsteps of mobilink

since when telenor was launched i don't get it's signals in my house but i do get signals of other networks

why don't you guys shift network its not that telenor is the cheapest

Yep, I have all the problems listed above. It seems that telenor is going through a network problem, at the moment. I just disabled the "keep sending until the message has been sent" option from my mobile and the multiple messages problem is gone. The multiple message problem was probably due to delivery problem.

@Saad, it depends where the company places the booster. Warid's signals don't come in our house, but Ufone's is full-blast since their tower is near our house. Telenor's signals are full (most of the time).

In short, it depends on the topography and where they've placed the towers. And make sure there's a window opening in the room you're in (since that matters alot). Other than that, drop an email to Telenor, and inform them about it. I did... and whaddya know! they had a tower operating in my area in about a month's time! (I think.. this was over two years ago)

And Abbas, I don't think you've been using Telenor... or you're in an area with really low signal.

I hope it gets fixed, but I'm going to mail Telenor now. Oh - and btw, 1st May was the deadline to make free calls to the call center, after which they'll charge Rs. 0.25/call (it was an IVR announcement on 345).

whenever one of my friend sends me a message from telenor it arrives again for the second time half an hour later.

no need i am happy with warid :)

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whenever one of my friend sends me a message from telenor it arrives again for the second time half an hour later.

it happens after every two minutes me:P

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And Abbas, I don’t think you’ve been using Telenor… or you’re in an area with really low signal.

I’ve been using Telenor since the very beginning. Called and complained a million times, wrote letters, emails, it doesn’t make a difference. I get full signals always, it’s the network congestion. When it works, it’s decent, when it doesn’t (atleast 4 days out of every 14 days) it’s really really shitty…

I would MNP but that hasn’t been working out well for people.

I registered a complaint with their corporate office regarding my area (dha phase II) and their network department contacted me, tweaked things around here, then called me to check if things were fine (they are now).

So go to your local telenor office and register a network issue.

i have called them and they are saying that this issue is in their knowledge and the engineers are working on it and it will be solved in 2-3 days.

let see what happens.

That's the standard Telenor answer for "Wait, it'll work eventually" ;)

Acutally I've been though the whole procedure atleast 10 times, the problem is network congestion nothing else, they just don't admit it. They make you think there's something wrong with your particular number. Some of my friends who have Telenor have the same issues, when I tell them that, they're like give us their numbers too, we'll fix that as well :lol: End result, all numbers stay the same.

The weirdest issue btw is that off net calls go though much more easily than on net (telenor to telenor) calls.

Abbas, try this: email them, and state that you don't want to contact the PTA, and that this issue has been going on for a prolonged period of time.

As far as your problem is, I _THINK_ it's your area. The booster in your area isn't quite capable of handling the traffic (yes, sometimes a certain allocation of frequencies are given to each area... and I think in your area, it's run out or something). Contact them... but as Shuak said, let's wait a few days and hope for the best.

I'm not sure if it's me, but today (7th May), their network does seem more responsive.

And the double messages: could it be that the other person sent the message twice? I'm not relying on this reason, as I know Telenor had massive message issues with certain numbers, or at certain times (off-net SMS were getting delivered on time, while on-net weren't... odd, init?)

@Shaheerk, after no repsonse to my emails last year, here's a letter a wrote to them. Lol, still didn't make much of a difference. Had to change my number, the problems still persisted even after the new number.

10th April 2007


Telenor Pakistan Director Customer Relations,

Customer Communication,

Shafi Mansion, 9 Montgomery Road, Lahore


I've been a Telenor customer for some time and frankly the service has been very ordinary. Recently however I started experiencing a strange problem. Around the 26th of March I stopped receiving all SMS's from all networks and all incoming calls from Warid numbers. I've been complaining to your polite but highly ineffectual helpline people since the past two weeks. Every day I hear a promise to get issues with my number resolved within 24 hours or that they have put my complaint on 'high priority' or a personal mail on behalf of the CSO himself to the technical department.

Absolutely nothing has happened. In fact the problems are getting worse. Yesterday my Telenor numbers lost all signals for 2/3 hours. To repeat what I’ve told the Telenor CSO’s time and again. All my cell phone sets are new and work perfectly fine with all other operators, network settings are fine and I live in D.H.A Lahore and the Telenor booster is actually close to my house. I’ve not experienced strange problems like these before. In fact everything usually worked fine except for the occasional signal outages for a couple of minutes.

Khair, I'm sick and tired of complaining. You’re the last person I’m contacting in this regard. If you could ask the technical people to kindly pay a little attention and fix this problem then I can avoid porting to Warid. Once and only once have I received a callback from someone in your technical department. His suggestion was that I should change my number because my number is a ‘system’ number. I couldn’t help laughing at his absurd suggestion. I bought this number from a platinum number list at the D.H.A Telenor franchise. All my office stationary and business contacts have this number. It’s near impossible for me to change.

I’ve been reading your customer charter and it’s not even remotely close to what I’ve been experiencing with Telenor.

I don't even remember the many complaint numbers I was issued. The last one that I've been using to complain for the past 10 days is 1-858387764 & 69.

If you wish to contact me, my Telenor number is 0345-4xxxxxx and if you can’t get though, my Warid number is 0321-4xxxxxxx.