Telenor packages

Talkshawk A1 Package

Telenor to Telenor* Rs. 1 min

Telenor to Other Mobile Operators*

Rs. 1.4 / min

Telenor to PTCL* Rs. 1.4 / min

Her Second Tariff

Friends & Family 3 Paisa (per sec)

Telenor to Telenor 4 Paisa (per sec)

Telenor to other networks

5 Paisa (per sec)

Talkshawk per 30 sec

To another Telenor number.

Rs. 0.75

To any other mobile number.

Rs. 0.95

To another PTCL number.

Rs. 0.95

Friends & Family Telenor- Telenor

Rs. 0.45

Friends & Family Telenor-Any other Network

Rs. 0.95

Telenor Talkshawk Har Minute

To Telenor Friends and Family numbers

Rs. 1

To another Telenor number

Rs. 2

To any other mobile number

Rs. 2

To another PTCL number Rs. 2


SMS Own network Rs. 1

Outgoing International

Sms Rs. 5.00

All rates exclusive of Tax

Free Services

*All Incoming Calls

*Caller Line Identification (CLI)

*Call Waiting

*Conference Calling (subscription)

*Roaming (anywhere in Pakistan)

MMS, Internet & WAP

Subscription Free

MMS-Receiving Free

MMS-Sending Rs. 5.00

Internet/WAP Usage

(Upload/Download per MB)

Rs. 15.00

Missed Call Alerts

Subscription Rs. 50 + tax

Ringtones Rs. 5.00

Mono Content Rs. 2.00

Java games Rs. 25.00


Rs. 5.00

Screensavers Rs. 5.00

Terms & conditions:

Standard CED and taxes apply.

International Call Rates

Telenor talkshawk

A1,Telenor talkshawk

Har Minute,Telenor talkshawk

30 Second and Telenor talkshawk

Har Second

Group 1 2.75 2.75 1.4


Group 2 8 8 4 4

Group 3 14 14 7 7

Group 4 18 18 9 9

Group 5 30 30 15 15

Group 6 70 70 35 35

Group 7 150 150 75 75

Group 1

Group 2 Group 3 Group 4

Australia (L)

Cyprus (L+M)

Australia (M)

Austria (M)

Austria (L)

Hong Kong (L+M)

Bangladesh (L+M)

Belgium (M)

excl. one in Group5


Japan (L)

India (L+M)

Denmark (M)

Canada (L+M)

Malaysia (L+M)

Iran (L+M)

France (M) in Group5

China (L+M)

Russia(L+M) in Group7

Japan (M)

Germany (M)

Denmark (L)

South Africa (L)

Kuwait (L+M)

Greece (M)

France (L)

South Korea (L+M)

Philippines (L)

Ireland (M)

Germany (L)

Sweden (L)

Saudi Arabia (L+M)

Italy (M)

excl. one in Group5

Greece (L)

Thailand (L+M)

Sri Lanka (L+M) Netherlands (M)

Ireland (L)

Taiwan (M)

Norway (M)

Italy (L)

Turkey (L+M)

Philippines (M)

Netherlands (L)


Portugal (M)

Norway (L)

Uzbekistan (L+M)

South Africa (M)

Portugal (L)

Spain (M)

Singapore (L+M)

Sweden (M)

excl. one in Group5

Spain (L)

Switzerland (M)

exc. one in Group5 & 6

Switzerland (L)

United Kingdom (M)

Taiwan (L) Rest Of The World

United kingdom (L)

(USA) (L+M)

Group 5

Group 6 Group 7

Belgium Mobile Base



Bulgaria Mobile

Central African Repl Invivent

Cuba-Guantanamo Bay


Chile Fixed-Audiotext

Diego Garcia


Cook Islands

East Timor


Estonia Fixed-Special Services


French Guyana Mobile

Falkland Islands

Norfolk Island



Poland Dial- Up Internet Access

Italy Mobile Intermatica

Guinea Bissau

Russia Global Tel

ItalyMobile -Elsacom

Iceland Mobile-Null

Niu Saint Helena

Italy Mobile -RFI


Sao Tome And Principe

Mayotte Mobile

Korea North

Solomon Islands


Liechtenstein Mobile


Saint Pierre



Marshall Islands

Somalia Onkotel


Somalia Soltelco


Somalia Telcom

Papua New Guinea

Somalia Telcom Bosaso Poland Directory Service


Mobile Others

Portugal Fixed-Video


Mobile Orange

Samoa West


Mobile Others




Somalia Golis


Mobile Econet

Somalia Hormuud

Somalia Miccom

Somalia Somtel

Switzerland Mobile Global Net




No extra airtime charges.

'L' means Landline and 'M' means Mobile - rates are given accordingly.

plus 21% tax......

What is the purpose of these threads? A person could just as easily visit the website of the provider and look the tariffs up. It would probably make more sense too! :/

People easly see package list.

In webpage we dont see package list...........

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

What is the purpose of these threads? A person could just as easily visit the website of the provider and look the tariffs up. It would probably make more sense too! :confused:

actually it is hard to understand without any sort of formatting

TelecomPK, ur thread could've been more useful had you differentiated the packages clearly by using Headings and underlinings.

Right now i feel like i'm reading some IRC chat looking at the first post :-/

That's not my mistake.

I am posting from my mobile(n72).....

Ok plz ignore if you don't understand.

WTH is this? Noted on the website:

"First 4 balance inquiries per day would be free however the subsequent balance inquiries would be charged @ 8 paisa (exclusive of tax) from 20th, August 2008. "

and please add this to the Telenor A1 package

"All existing Telenor Prepaid customers can convert to Telenor Talkshawk A1 for Rs.25 (inclusive of tax)"


stop this copy pasting ......