Telenor Faces Network Outage in Pakistan

Telenor Faces Network Outage in Pakistan


Telenor experienced a network outage across Pakistan for last 3-4 days, we have checked with Telenor users across the country.
Majority of Telenor customers confirmed that their mobile phone signals vanished and they were unable to make or receive calls during this down time. They subsequently took to Twitter and Facebook to report the outage.
Users from across Punjab and Sindh were reportedly impacted by the outage that, according to company officials, lasted for over half an hour.

According to a Telenor official, company’s network was down due to a technical issue that has been fixed now. The official confirmed that customers in the North, AJK, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, surrounding areas were impacted. However, as mentioned above, ProPakistani received outage reports from Karachi, Lahore and other parts of Pakistan as well.

  • Outage time: 30 minutes
  • Affected areas: All across Pakistan
  • Current status: Under Observation

This is a developing story and we will add more information as we receive it


Its OK, because machines are machines and they can have issues anytime. Its only 30 minutes issue, not a big deal I think.