Telemart online shopping a total fraud

Now a day’s online shipping business is evolving in Pakistan. More recently Telemart have been flooded by the online sites as a trust worthy online shopping place which is based in Karachi. I recently became a victim of Telemart online shopping my order number was “700010101”, the website name is “ “.

I ordered a new Dell laptop worth 66000/- on 05-Sep-2015 from Telemart online shopping based in Karachi, I placed the order online. After one day I received a call for confirmation of my order and Telemart sale representative told me to pay Rs. 6000/- as advance because it’s their policy and the remaining amount is on delivery. I told the salesman to ensure quality before sending me the laptop, I want a new laptop because I am buying it as a gift for my family member. After a long discussion I conformed my order and paid 6000/- Rupees online from my bank account. The actual order delivery time was only 3 days but I received that order after 7 days but this inefficiency can be neglected, But when i received the dell laptop though Leopards Courier Services the laptop was not new, full of scratches, the color on the top was not original, so in a nutshell i was cheated by Telemart online shopping.... Thanks god i opened the laptop in front of LCS deliverymen before paying the remaining amount which was 60,000/- Rupees. So after watching the laptop condition I refuse to accept that laptop and returned the Laptop from the same courier service and launched my complaint by calling and emailing to the Telemart help line. They admit there mistake and insure me that they will return my advanced amount because they don’t have the laptop of same model, I called on their helpline “021-111-662453” several times talked with Telemart sales representative named “Mr. Muddassar & also send numerous emails to “Mr. Suhaib Mehmood,( Online operation Manager)” but no use. In short they are not returning my advance amount i paid to them as per their policy Rs.6000/-.... So please don't buy anything from Telemart they are cheaters/ frauds, they will give u old, used products in the price of new ones and force you to pay for it. I am going to file a case against Telemart shopping in cybercrime and internet fraud cell and stop these cheaters from robbing other people.

I would advise all fellows to be very careful of Telemart because they are deceive people and make money.

Yes, do go ahead with filing case in FIA cybercrime department. Such blatant frauds should never go unchecked.

Even if the return the advance, sending a used laptop is not just an oversight. It can only be the result of deliberate deception, so that if by any chance, customer pays the COD, it's a 'teer', if not, a 'tukka'.

Believe it or not but your 6 thousands are gone, i feel sorry for your lost.


When shopping online things you must check before placing order

1 contact us check if they has actual address of their location or is it just Web email system? Only place order if they has office warehouse address

2 if they contact you through mobile phone or using Internet numbers don't confirm the order only do business if they are using landlines or UAN numbers

3 check site for customers reviews problem with pakistani stupid people is they use those sections for inquiring not the after purchase review just like on amazon

4 not mandatory but you can get an idea who built the site was it built by non professional teenager at home or by pro Web designer

They do their best to rip off you but you people should use your brain too

The A****les that think they can get away with this kind of #$%# are the worst human beings, i always think of it as a time to take drastic measures and out of my own way to stick it to these !@#$%^&*, i would notify every single authority via email and print out each and every response , file a lawsuit against the company and subpoena the owner of the company to show up in court..

now it doesn't always come up to this and by the time you have posted them a potential lawsuit they'll be begging you to take your 6k back and no one actually goes to the judge, but if push comes to shove you make sure you sue them for as much as you can.

Thank you @djayz for restoring our faith in Pakistani judicial system

Yeah I think it is true because most the products of telemart is fraud ...

I bought a windows tab from them a few months ago. The product delivered was good and I didn't have any issues. But in your case, do file an official complaint.