Team Ninja fighters’ Dead or Alive 5 last round to come on PC

TOKYO: Team Ninja fighters’ Dead or Alive 5 Last Round will come onto steam for the PC and gamers are able to enjoy the latest installment in the fighter series.

A new trailer released today shows the Steam logo at the end of the video so it is assumed that the Steam version will be releasing around the same time as the console version which is 20 February.

There was an ESRB rating for the game last month for the PC version but this now appears to confirm the Steam release.

^ if this is not true ., i`ma kick yo ass..!!

Meh overrated fighting game, with exaggerated boob physics. I can make tits jiggle better in skyrim than this :P

no fighting games on PC ever.. SF4 has been milked dry.. even sf5 looks similar.. sf vs tekken is way to old now.. tekken vs sf may never come out in our life time..

besides , this game is by far the most hardcore arcade fighting game since tekken 3.. and nothing ever comes close between the 2.