TCS online tracking down?

i cant track my package. when i try with my mobile it says tracking number invalid, plus it seems their website is down or something as i keep getting errors :/ wth is my package??

Plus i just found out they are complete hypocrites. it says their student express which is applying for foreign universities and colleges costs just 900 to deliver all around the world. i sent my documents to sweden and uk and i clearly told them about it. never bothered to tell me that they had a package for that so they could charge me full


You should have asked for the Student package your self. As for tracking down your consignment, call their Karachi UAN # they have given on the Consignment Receipt and follow the instructions to track it down. Their representative will tell its status to you.

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You should have asked for the Student package your self


he mentioned that he didn’t knew about that when we went to their office