TCL Vs. Changhong Ruba - Looking for 50" LED

Dear All,

Yesterday, I went to Hyperstar - Karachi and I saw many LED / 3D / 4K TV hanging as for display purpose. Sony, Samsung, LG has a wide range available and expensive as well. There are two Chinese brands LED TV's available named TCL & Changhong Ruba. These are Chinese branded which are a lot cheaper as compared to the branded eg. LG, SONY, SAMSUNG.

The picture quality of these Chinese brands seems to me same as the branded TV's because all LED were playback of HD Videos so its hard to differentiate the colors, sharpness etc but I am definitely sure there would be the difference is picture quality, build quality, panels, Remote IR range etc.

I am planning to buy a 50" Simple LED not Smart / Wifi etc and I don't want to spend a lot of money on TV. My question is that has anybody experienced with the 50" TCL or Changhong Ruba?

TCL LED - 48" D2720 - 56000/-
Changhong Ruba 50" D1080 - 56000/-
Orient LED 50" L8082 - Rs.65000/-

I am very much familiar to watch 1080p HD movies. Is there any big difference in picture quality as compared to Samsung, Sony while watching cable channels? If there is not a big difference so why people are not promoting these Chinese brands? Why people are stick with the branded TV's?

Hope I would get some expert and experienced comments.

You will not notice any difference watching Full HD on any of these except color saturation and default picture settings. Out of these three TCL is by far the best brand with solid built quality.

I agree with the above statement. I have personal experience with TCL, they're pretty decent for the price. Just don't expect Sony/LG like quality. ;)

color and saturation of most inputs in FHD (where they matter more than SD, as results have a stronger impact) can be adjusted via the tv remote to match your liking. i tried a combination of pic modes and settings on my samsung and the final output using custom white balance and RGB trickery were a huge step in a different direction from what the tv default(dynamic) was.. in the end of my effort, i got a very true, life like pure color pic quality which is not the standard option on tv.

the display units are simply on their default settings as well. when you buy and configure any tv you will be able to adjust its results to your liking, not necessaarily the manufacturers recommendation. so even if default pic may not be as good right now, you can simply tune it latter

on a similar note, the low priced tv are low priced bcz of the trade offs not only in pic quality but other features as well. you may not want a smart tv, but you will definitly need a tv with a usb media playback. so check if the tv in display center can play a couple of comon format AVI MP4 and MTS files. you can take your usb there. other options would be a wired ethernet or a wifi builtin so software upgrade of tv could be done in future as well as streaming.

and finally, TCL is one of chinas leading and largest manufacturer of tvs... and they give good long local warranty of their tvs here in pk as well.