Tatasky user Help Needed

Hi, i want to know is there any Tatasky user at this forum as im planning to buy Tatasky HD receiver and want to clarify some issues regarding Recharge options.

Can we recharge via Visa or Mastercard Credit cards?

Can we select packages of our own choice?

Your help will be appreciated, thanks

dish tv is available easily through black markets but Tatasky isn't yet available and its not as easy as Dish tv recharge

so i suggest you to get Dish tv india and support Indian media here in your home

Well tatasky is also available here and its strength is growing too. I want to buy tatasky due to its various advantages over Dish tv.

Lol for the support thingy :D

Just to clarify things a bit, im buying it to watch HD channels such as NGC, Discovery, Movies Now, Star world etc not the typical saas bahu stuff :)

Well Tatasky has best plan that pay per channel.Means select your favorite channel which you watch on tv.If you not understand any inidan language than don't pay for this types channel.Well I want to tell you that HD is support only HD TV and some channel just say HD but not give quality.You can get HD experiance on NGC and Discovery but some channel not real HD.

^ thanks man, i have done my research too and this tatasky a la carte packs are really good. As per my calculation it will cost me around Rs.500/month for about 6 great HD channels along with some good SD channels. The only issue i have is it is very easy to select your own pack in india but for doing it from Pakistan might have some issues. So, i ask you if you are using it yourself than enlighten me how you recharge and select package.