T.E.S - TransWorld Ent. Services [Karachi ISP]

So after developing a sizeable ulcer due to the inconsistent
PTCL Broadband service, we finally took the plunge and
applied for a 20Mbps TES broadband package.

On the website you have to pay Rs. 10,000/- (CPE) and the
installation is “free”. But when the sales guy came, he said
we owed him Rs. 19,000/-

CPE = 10,000/-
Fiber = 5,000/-
1st Month advanced payment = 4,000/- (3000+taxes=4000)

That’s pretty steep. Actually, that is nuts. But we worked
out an installment plan with him. But still… woah!

Anyway, next day a “survey” guy showed-up. Wanted to see
where they would bring-in the “double core” hard fiber cable.
It can’t have many 90 degree sharp turns (cuz it affects the
quality of service).

But the thing that is ringing alarm bells for me, is that NONE
of their customer service, or technical UAN numbers are
being attended to!.

Phone rings and rings and then it d/c. It has an ominous feel,
of imminent impending disaster. Although, when I emailed, the
customer service manager was quick to reply and apologize.
However, situation on the ground remains the same.

Anyway, will keep you guys posted on how it goes from here

Sheikh ‘Iss Kou Bhee Dekh LeyTay HaiN’ Chilli


OK, so the next day, Thursday March 23rd a ‘surveyor’ showed
up at our jhuggi. He took a look-see, figured out the best way to
get fiber inside, with input from us.

Friday. Nothing.

Saturday, a large bundle of fiber is spotted on the electrical pole
opposite our premesis, as promised by the surveyor.

Sunday. Nothing.

Monday afternoon, around 3:00pm I get a call from their tech
team. Around 1/2 Doz people in a new truck showed-up shortly
thereafter. They pulled down the bundled fiber from the top of
the pole and pulled it up to our roof, tying it to a GI water pipe
into the shape of ‘figure of 8’ (so not to have any kinks).

The wire was clipped and secured with plastic saddles along
the roof and down to where we wanted it. They pulled out a
fancy machine, size of an old paparazzi camera. The fiber
wire was stripped and a thin sliver of optical fiber, size of a
human hair, was spliced through that machine, which shot
out beams of intense white light from within. From that metal
box, a thin yellow wire was attached to the GPON modem.
ZTE F660.


He asked us to set up the WIFI SSID and password. After this,
the ‘deployment team’ left, saying they would be back. At
10:00PM, Ding! Dong! guy showed up to set up the modem
and turn on the juice. He was on the phone getting directions
and typing away specs into the modem. After about an hour
of this, he was done!

He asked us to check the speed. Both upload and download
were touching/surpassing 20Mbps on PTCL speedtest. Cool.

And that was that. Comments ?, well, the guys were pros.
They were all business and knew their stuff. The modem is
a GPON --> Ethernet device. It’s range is not that great, IMO.
They told us to get TP-Link routers to light up the ‘dark’ WIFI
nooks and crannies in our jhuggi. That is something that we
were told in advance and it’s true. So now the hard work begins
for us. To wire ethernet connected routers.

They are currently out-of-stock of the modems which have
the Analog TV channel facility. They expect them to become
available sometime in the middle of April. That’s when we
would get this modem replaced with their newer model.

Right now, just loving the fact that a HD video on Youtube
loads all the way through in a couple of seconds. Buffering
Tou doore ki baaT hai

Sheikh ‘iTraTey Hoey’ Chilli


:slight_smile: sabar ka phal meetha ji :slight_smile:

Nice!!! :smile: :clap:

Make me want to cuss at PTCL with renewed vigor. :rage:


Keep watching the speed, let’s see if it remains as good as on day one.

Thanks guys. Don’t know how long it will last though. I am the first guy on this street to have them. With their current price structure, I don’t know how many people out there would be clamoring to join up.

The tech said that their main guy (Sir Asif), who went for some time to set up Cybernet’s bband venture, is now back at TES and in Lahore, to set up TES FTTH services there. So… good news for Lahorites. Competition is coming.

The irony is, this morning PTCL lineman showed-up, out of the blue! with his usual speil about how it must be an internal fault and “Aap nai Taar lagwa leiN. MeiN ley aaouNga na, maslaa ThoRi hai”. Alas, little doth he knows, that his time is up.

Sheikh ‘Free Atlast!’ Chilli

I have 2mb PTCL and I hate you.

On PTCL, my browser was like a kaamchore employee. Kaam ka naam sunTay hee it would collapse in a heap, faking injuries.

Now on TES, it is like a hungry beast. Growlong, snarling and snapping at you. Turnt-up like a crank addict --raring to go. “What ?, you want that YouTube video ?, 480p ?. Duuude! I can go HD! OK. Forget HD, I will go 4K, let me! Let me! Pleaaaase! ?”.

But the irony is --and you may not believe it and I don’t blame yall— but now we have suddenly lost interest in ‘going fast’ all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, we love not having to wait mins and hours for d/l s any more, but now THE DRAMA is gone!. There is nothing to complain about, to anybody!

Yeah, we can now open Twitter in the blink of an eye.

So what ?.

It looks the same to a 2 MB downloader, as it does to a 20MB one. Internet is the SAME. We just get there a bit early. Big whupptidoo.

Sheikh 'Hate Me Now @TechMan’ Chilli

Thanks for the writeup! Interesting. How would you compare TES to Stormfibre? I have stormfibre in Karachi and so far been unimpressed by them. Sometimes the speedtest is high but often in actual usage it’s slow, youtube hd is slowish and sometimes I have to use a vpn to speed up basic browsing cause stormfibre seems to have a funky network.

I believe you, having undergone the same phenomenon 11-12 years ago when having access to high speed internet (35Mbps) for a short time when, IIRC, I was used to using 256kbps or maybe 1Mbps Micronet DSL.

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Speed test results for TES, taken
at around 2:00pm yesterday. Not
quite 20Mbps but close enough.

Sheikh ‘Pudding… Taste’ Chilli

The only experience I have had with Cybernet (other than their dialup scratch cards 1000 years ago), is when I walked into their offices on Boat-Basin. The sales-tech was trying to demonstrate their net speed, and failed miserably. He couldn’t get even 1/10th of the advertised speed.

But instead of admitting failure to deliver, he l-i-e-d… 'Sir bilkul theek speed pur connected hai". I walked around his desk and caught him in his lie. The guy also had a beard and looked religious.

From that day forward, I vowed never to do business with such shysters.

Your experience with StormFiber resonates with my opinion of Cybernet, is all I can say.

Sheikh ‘Daig… Chawal’ Chilli

OK, so we upgraded to 50Mbps and these are the speeds
we are getting on day one. And we are still spending less
than, what we used to with PTCL.

My question is, if there are ports available on the router,
should one exhaust them all, before moving to a switch,
or can one use a Gigabit Switch, without incurring any
appreciable loss of signal in the process ?.

And if someone has an opinion on which switch is the
best, in terms of performance, please share.

Sheikh '_Bug-TuT_' Chilli
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So, it’s been what ?, 6 months now that we got TES internet
service. After one month of 30Mbps, we availed ourselves of
a limited time offer and upgraded to 50Mbps, for a total price
of Rs. 5,376/month.

I know it’s expensive for one person, but when you have a
whole house of Wi-Fi hungry devices, it is not so bad. Consid-
ering we paid more to PTCL, for 1/3 the speed of TES.

The speed is fairly consistent. No outages, not even in rain
or storms, when WorldCall and PTCL will go into hibernation.
The customer service is prompt and courteous, which is an
anathema to PTCL. It’s now gotten to a point where we don’t
even have to think about Wi-Fi. It’s just there. Working.

Their upfront costs are high and they need to do something
about it. Spread it over months, perhaps.

Not hearing too much griping with internet services, so I
guess everybody out there is happy with whatever they’ve

Sheikh ‘TamaniaT’ Chilli

TES is now also available is select places in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

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Hello brother. May I know that are their services available in gulistan E jauhar ? or they are just operating in clifton or dha ?
Cutting out from PTCL because their services aren’t quiet good in my new area.
Also if anyone from jauhar is using TES please show yourself and help your fellow .
Lastly, do they offer smart tv and phone as well or just internet?
Thanks in advance.

You can visit https://www.tes.com.pk/ and find all the information there, including which areas they cater to.

I am afraid that at this time they are limited to DHA phase 6, some parts of phase 5 and a few blocks in Clifton. They sady they plan to expand to other parts of Karachi, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. It took them more than a year to cover half a dozen streets.

I think the only reason they are providing decent service right now, is precisely because they haven’t been able to expand. Probably owing to the upfront costs, which, instead of bearing themselves, they are passing them onto the customer. I had to fork over more than 20,000/- for installation and first month fees. A sizeable investment.

However, looking back it was worth it, if only it rid us of the perpetual headache, that was PTCL broadband. And in the long run, it is saving us real money now as well. PTCL offers obscenely expensive broadband. My fiber optic is 7 times faster for 3/4 of the price and it is always stable and working!

PTCL is thankfully now, a distant dream. A nightmare actually.

Sheikh 'Jan Chutti Sou LakhouN Paey…’ Chilli

Considering that TES is one of the only two bandwidth providers which have operating authority over a bunch of main undersea internet cables;

  • Owns one of its cables; TW1, UAE-Oman-Pakistan, max capacity: 1.28 Tbps.
  • Has invested over $5 billion in its infrastructure in the initial roll out.
  • Has recently secured rights to SMW-5 cable, max capacity of the cable itself: 24 Tbps.
  • A third cable is currently under planning stage.
  • Majority owned by Orascom, also parent of Mobilink.

I don’t think a company of such capabilities will ever be able to run out of bandwidth. With some intelligent dynamic pooling of users and their traffic trends, nearly full bandwidth of the shared connection can be achieved even with many heavy users.

@sheikh_chilli How’s it faring now?

It is faring like that song of Bob Seger’s … “Like a rock”. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nowadays, I don’t worry about the internet, because it is always there, always working, like it should.

I get around 48-50 Mbps down, and about the same upstream. During peak hours it goes down to 43-45, but after 10pm, it goes back up again.

No issues with wire, modem, etc during the past 13 months. The thing just --works.

I would hands down recommend it to everybody. But of course, the up front costs will be prohibitive for most. I would say, save up. You will save more than just money in the long run; your sanity and peace of mind.

Get rid of PTCL. They are evil.

Sheikh ‘Exorcised’ Chili

Why does it goes down during peak hours? It is fiber and should be able to consistently deliver full bandwidth 24/7. Is there congestion in their own network resulting in them hitting their network’s limits?