Systek and Simtek Inverters

Does anybody have any experience of the two local made brands mentioned in the subject.

I am examining these because it is likely that the backup service maybe better as compared to Axpert and Infini etc. which every solar provider is selling.

I would appreciate any feedback on these. Thanks


Disclaimer: Not much hands on experience with these brands

1 - Infini is a very good TRUE hybrid inverter much much >>>>>>>>>>Axpert.

2 - Infini has a slightly better CC than axpert.

3 - Axpert isnt a hybrid inverter, it is just a CC conncted with an inverter.

4 - Same way Symtek systek etc all are just a CC connected with an inverter.

5 - Inverter portion of all these brands including axpert works fine, it is the CC which is very poor in quality that it doesnot provide good enough thoroughput of solar power.. consider infini to provide max 70% power vs 50-60% max from all these other CC..

6 - Simplest way to compare is that a simple MPPT EPSOLAR CC costs the same as a complete Axpert 3kva unit, and even more than local brands.

I want to know about back up services. Has any experience of getting a failed Axpert or Infini reepaired? Are parts/motherboards easily available locally.


I think simtek does not manufactured solar inverter

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axpert k parts are available since it is being imported in bulks and dead units are plenty too..and now local companies using those exact compnenets to glue together their pwn solar hybrid invetrers like systek etc..

infini is difficult, since it has a much more specialized microprocessor.. as long as the microprocessor stays intact rest of the parts can be scoured sooner or latter.. we have a faulty EP solar CC which is common in market but getting exact part number is a little tricky as anyhing near the part number just blew up.. all chinese stuff need exact parts,


I am going to visit Systek on Monday at Islamabad. I visited that office around March this year. I was told that they have a reseller agreement with someone which would expire in July, 2015. After that they don't plan to renew the arrangements and will have full support here.

Hopefully with Sept. nearly gone they should have a setup here which I can see as well as discuss things with someone knowledgable.


I am not planning to install a solar inverter. As Farhan has mentioned above, solar inverters, at least the low end ones are neither true hybrids nor their charge controllers provide max. thruput of solar energy. My system is off-grid. I plan to use a stand alone charge controller with around 40-45 amps capacity. After that a simple inverter such as a reliable UPS like Farhan's system. If I can get APC 3KW, that would be excellent. Otherwise I have my eyes on either Homage or Inverex.


Dear Brothers!

SIMTEK has introduced new PURE SINE WAVE series UPS/Inverters with three stage intelligent charger.

  1. Bulk
  2. Absorption
  3. Float

This series is Pure Sine Wave and the 3 stage intelligent charger prolongs the service life of the battery.
Ideal in low budget
i am using with automotive battery i-e AGS

and working perfectly.

you can find details on there website.

Sorry for off topicing but any idea where to get telecom batteries in Pakistan, companies you guys mentioned do they have those batteries?

Telecom batteries are normally imported. You can get them from the market.

On topic.

I spoke to Systek today. They quoted 17K for mppt cc SUNSMART. Additionally they quoted 37K for their UPS of 3 Kw. Manufactured in Karachi and should have good backup support compared to Chinese-Taiwanese fly by night brands. They also give one year warranty.

Comments plz.


Will speak to Nizam Solar and then to SIMTEK tomorrow.


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Dear Brothers!

SIMTEK has introduced new PURE SINE WAVE series UPS/Inverters with three stage …



Is the image below same as your inverter. If yes what did it cost?



What happened to your project of building 1 marla batteries?


The battery and solar tracker are both half finished as far as implementation is concerned, and are currently on hold. My issue is that my house-building contractor, being haji, has backed out and left me, with with a basement without a roof and half finished plinth. So you can welle imagine where my attention is nowadays.


When he returns, throw Kankrian at him :)

Had a long and interesting discussion with SIMTEK owner in Karachi. The nearest reseller they have in this region is in Pindi Gheb which is about 90 minutes from Islamabad by road. He is selling 3 kw sine wave inverter for 50K. He hadn't heard of Pakistan-China free trade agreement and as such he is paying full duty on imported inverter from China.

To Sajid.

You haven't mentioned the model and price of your SIMTEK inverter.


Have had excellent experience with Systek UPSes (have four 2 KVA units at different locations). I suppose their solar inverters use the same inverter circuit boards as the UPS. Charging system and inverter output (power quality) are both good. After sales service at Islamabad was used twice (for minor issues, once for software upgrade and once for blown battery fuse). Workshop has proper staff, tools and training.


Thanks for the response.

Which models are you using.


All four units are Systek Excelsior Premier 2kVA (model ESP-606), each unit has three AGS GX135 batteries.

Their higher capacity models (2.5 kVA and 3 kVA) require four batteries.

Details are available at following link: Premier.pdf

Surge Protection and Power Conditioning

Power Protection (Line conditioner, APS, OVP, UPS)

Online UPS: 1kva to 600kva

Power Line Conditioner: 2kva to 400kva

Isolation Transformer: 2kva to 200kva

Stabilizer: 10kva to 300kva

UPS / Inverter Pure Sine Wave: 1kva to 7.5kva

Hybrid Solar Energy: 1kw to mega watt solutions

Solar Panels: 140watt / 250watt

Telecom Inverter: 1kva to 10kva

Telecom Rectifier: 48V / 24V / 110V - 30 Amp to 100 Amp

Patrol Pumps Dispensers Solar Systems

Batteries: 7ah to 600ah

Pakistan Karachi Lahore Islamabad Faisalabad Peshawar


Dear Friend.
I suggest you to use Pure SINE wave UPS/Inverter transformer based as compared to high frequency inverter.
As there is more unstability in Electric power in our country so these high frequency are not so compatible.
Sine wave are transformer based and can handle surge and spikes and support inductive loads.
i and my relative are using SIMTEK sine wave inverter for more then two years no complaint uptill now.

you can find these on simtek website