Syncing Problem in New DSL Connection

Salam guys!

I got a new PTCL connection two days ago and had applied for DSL as well. Today, PTCL guys installed the modem (ZTEDSL 831CII), but when they did so, the DSL light was continuously flashing and turning off (scanning for DSL signal). The guys left saying that they will check the port at the exchange or something and you'll get DSL and Internet (light) in the working state.

After half an hour, modem automatically locked the DSL signal and internet started to run fine (I bought 1 Mbps, but was getting around 800kpbs).

Then I disconnected at Iftaar time and after Iftari I tried to connect again, but since then (from 7:30 pm till now at 1 am) the DSL light is blinking and blinking :(

My modem is working fine as I checked it with my friend's phone line. Splitter is also fine. BTW, I have two joints from DP to my modem.

Does anyone know this kind of problem? Is there something like incomplete activation of DSL? What are your comments? (I have complained at 1218 as well :P)

P.S. Here are my Line Stats, when I was luckily connected:

Are they OK?

Thanks in advance!


The port at the exchange has been changed to a new one, as told by the PTCL DSL technician.

I ran the SpeedTest and got the following results:


Thanks everyone :)

bhai ptcl kiun lagwa lia :S

post your new ADSL stats.

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bhai ptcl kiun lagwa lia :S


Then whats the other option better than PTCL?

PTCL is the best ISP among all the others IMO. I've used Wateen 1-MB, Worldcall 256-kpbs, but they didn't meet my expectations. All wireless ISPs have signals problems of some sort, hence slow speeds and bad pings. Alhamdolillah, I'm very happy with my new connection.

Here are the new ADSL Line Stats:

Line Stats

PTCL DSL is best..

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PTCL DSL is best…