Switched over to Chrome from Firefox

After many, many years of using Firefox, I finally switched over to Google Chrome, out of fustration with Firefox hogging too much resources on my pc and slowing down at time. I was using both Firefox 4 beta and the 3.X stable one, and while 4 is much better it was still slowing down on my laptop sometimes.

Chrome is a pleasant surprise - it seems faster and less taxing of pc resources - and even more important, doesn't freeze at times unlike firefox.

Issues with chrome I've noticed so far:

* No printing controls - margins, page and url's on printouts is important, so I still load pages in firefox to print

* Less extension choice, but getting bigger

* PDF Support is rudimentary

* Adblock plus in Firefox is much better, the chrome version will take time to catch up

The stuff which makes it better than firefox

* Speed! It's fast, even though a number of reviews point out that Firefox 4 beta is actually faster than Chrome in loading web pages, Chrome seems to take up less resources and feels faster. Loads faster, doesn't hang up...

More about Chrome and the the internet.

I tried to switch to Chrome so many times, but Firefox is Firefox, no matter how many times it crashes or freezes :P

I switched to Chrome from FF a year back and have never looked back....though FF does have better extensions...and now with Opera due out with extensions, it will be fun seeing who will survive. Chrome is expected to take over FF by mid of 2011 if not sooner....lets see!!!!

I tried to switch to Chrome (in lure of faster speed) from Opera but switched back in a day. For me Opera rocks due to these features:

- Speed Dial (Shortcuts to websites with snapshots which you can edit easily) - Ability to add as many as 25 websites!! (Not there in Chrome by default and adding it via an extension slows the browser down horribly)

- Sync with Opera Mini - All my favorites are in sync with my mobile device and it also gives me the ability to add some pages to Bookmarks on my cell phone (which are then synced up) and give me the ability to read later on my desktop browser.

- A list of recently closed tabs as an icon on the top with a drop down list on click - For instances when i close a tab accidentally so i can open it up right away without putting in the address again. :)

- Million times better menu system as compared to Chrome. Seems like Google just made a "core browser" but not a complete piece of software per se.

- Chrome only loads pages when the full website has loaded. Opera loads the basic navigation / core areas first so that i dont have to wait for any flash animations / other stuff to load and quickly click when need to go to a specific page / category of a website.

- Opera saves "form entry". For example this one that I am writing in the post box. In case i accidently press back button or forward button I can always come back to the page and the forms are already filled. :) Pretty handy in my opinion.

- Better skins / customization. There are some really amazing skins available for Opera on the website as compared to just color/wallpaper change in Chrome.

- Million times better download manager as compared to Chrome. Chrome's download manager sucks really bad. It doesn't support resuming, does not support restarting downloads, doesn't show you speed of download, doesnt show you website link from where you are downloading. In short its horrible in every way.

This is just a very short list. I could go on and on. :). The only gripe i have with Opera though is that it wants to be "jack of all trades" kind of browser. It has a built in mail client, P2P client, torrent client, and RSS reader. So much so that you can call it an "Internet Suite" rather than a browser. I wish Opera would release a lite version of their browser so that it loads faster and performs even better. I am not Opera fan boy and i honestly say that their torrent manager really sucks and they should totally get rid of it.

I am getting sick and tired of Ffx too. It is slow, gives random behavior and while playing videos, it intermittently pauses the video while the audio is coming through fine and then resumes video on its own in a jerky manner.

I love firefox as its never gave me any problem.

I was terified of being firefoxed the day i saw chrome. I liked its simple menus,views and speed.

I moved to Opera too. Addons are way less. But its still Ok. THe option which I lack is that it doesnot asks for confirmation while closing multiple tabs

Sticking with ff, IE9 looks promising - whats your take on it mates

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I moved to Opera too. Addons are way less. But its still Ok. THe option which I lack is that it doesnot asks for confirmation while closing multiple tabs

Ask at opera forums if that is ava., I think it might be .

firefox good......but......opera rocks

chrome has many problems with flash....


I have also swithched to chrome from Firefox....due to same reasons

I tried several times switching over to chrome from Firefox for speed but chrome has its own problems. There are not as many extensions and extensions are important for me because I use more than 60 on Firefox. IDM's integration with chrome is also not up to par. The download button for embedded videos behaves weirdly. Some websites also don't work properly.

Have you guys been living under the rock ? I never understood what the fuss is with firefox using more RAM than other browsers ? You didn't just buy extra RAM simply to let it go waste, did you ? The new Firefox 4 RC is miles beyond FF 3.6. I bet most of you are running it on Intel onboard grahpics anyways :P. For me, its blazing fast. In fact every browser is. I use all 4 major browsers.

But I prefer firefox for its simplicity, customization and add-ons. Chrome is a close 2nd.

I think its understandable. A web browser that uses boatloads of RAM by itself is sure to annoy any power user that likes to have multiple apps running. Still you can't beat the FF feature set.

I upgraded to opensuse 11.4 and it comes with FF 4 beta version and I have to say it much better than 3.6. I love the new tab grouping feature and the browser as a whole feels a lot smoother. The only thing is that now I'll have even more tabs open than before because I can organize them into groups. So that'll result in even higher memory usage :P

don't use chrome google can spy you with its hidden tweaks and registries

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I tried to switch to Chrome so many times, but Firefox is Firefox, no matter how many times it crashes or freezes :P

Agreed :)

Chrome is a decent browser but FF will remain on top.

^The browser being 'heavy' probably depends on what you use and how much you use it as well. For me, Opera's really slow, takes 60+ seconds to start up and is sluggish, but I have months of history and cache size is set at 400MB (slow internet) and I have a few extensions on top of that, along with Mail, RSS, Notes, Bookmarks/Speed Dial, Contacts, Skins, etc. Firefox being slow might be due to addons.

Should've waited for FF4 before deciding to switch, it's almost here (22nd March).

I use all browsers for different purposes, but I mainly stick to Chrome and Opera. Lots of websites have incompatibilities with Opera (BBC News doesn't work at all for me).