Switcheasy cases for iPhone/iPod now officially available in Pakistan!

do you have other designs, simple or plain ?

Sure we do. Take a look at NUDE, Capsule Neo or Vulcan. The simplest would be Colors.

I want to buy but I don't have PayPal. How and from where I can buy?

You don't need Paypal. These cases are available ex-stock at MediaCenter outlets in Karachi, at The Forum mall (Ground Floor) and at their main outlet on Khayaban-e-Ittehad, DHA.

If you are located outside Karachi, we can arrange to have the item shipped to you.

you didn't mention the price..........

Needful Things is the official distributor for Switcheasy in Pakistan and all cases are offered through partner resellers. For information related to retail prices of specific cases I suggest you get in touch with MediaCenter staff but roughly speaking, the prices should vary between Rs. 1,500 and 3,500 for iPhone cases.


Sales: (92-21) 3-589-1394

Support: (92-21) 3-5313736

FAX: (92-21) 3-539-6813

E-mail: info[at]mediacenterpk.com

Website: www.mediacenterpk.com

Can you please tell me the price for this? > http://switcheasy.com/products/Thins/Thins.php

Its CapsuleThins™ for iPod Nano 4G

CapsuleThins for iPod Nano 4G are priced at Rs. 2,200

Oh my God! I got a normal Chinese thin case for 200 rupees.

Yes, there are many options available in the market. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference, but when you want a dependable product you do pay more for it.

And btw, everything is "Chinese", even your iPod.

That's true. I understand what is included with CapsuleThins makes it worth the price and one who has paid 13K to 14K for a new Ipod Nano would be glad to get it at this price. However, I got an Ipod Nano 4G 4GB for Rs. 4800 so it make no sense to spend 2200 just for its case.

You are right, everything is Chinese but it depends the quality :)