Suzuki Swift OR Toyota Vitz?

We need a small car that would be:

1. Easy to manauver in heavy traffic, yet have

enough power to accelerate out of it.

2. Be economical and fuel efficient. Spare parts

readily available in local markets.

3. Be durable and reliable for the long haul.

We have short-listed two cars: Suzuki Swift

and Toyota Vitz (also called Yaris abroad). I

am not a fan of Suzuki (always seemed sorta

gimmicky) but this model seems quite popular

these days. Perhaps because they have jazzed

up the shape. Both run the same price, only

a Swift would be brand new, while you are

getting a used Vitz from abroad.

Does anyone have a strong, definitive stance

on these two cars ?. Heard anything ? good,

or bad ?

Sheikh 'Jack Be Nimble...' Chilli

there is no comparison.. a 2012 model vitz is cheaper than a new Swift. a 2013 model would be same price as new swift.

parts are easily available for both..

vitz has very high resale value

vitz has far too many features compared to a fully loaded (more expensive) swift

Japanese build quality has no comparison.

vitz is a smooth as butter automatic drive.. can run like a horse despite being automatic.

if in good condition, vitz has a very decent (not the best) fuel consumption

you canot convert vitz to cng

size of new model vitz is same as swift. vitz has too big bumpers

suzuki is a decades old car has 6 moths waranty.

swift is quite good looking, probably cz its a copy of vitz, which came 10 years earlier in market.

every part of suzuki is available.. some parts of vitz may be hard to find...all imported car parts are more expensive

of all the crap suzuki makes, swift has the best interior

swift isnt actually half bad.

You did not list transmission type preference. With most new zero-meter cars, they will be durable and reliable and will keep running so long as parts are available.

Have you considered Wagon-R and FAW V2?

Yaris is better than swift in safety features... this is what all i can say

donate the money to charity.

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Yaris is better than swift in safety features… this is what all i can say


According to semi-confirmed rumors, Pak Suzuki will phase out Cultus this year and replace it with either Celerio or Splash. IMC will be introducing Yaris (1200cc) and Vios (1300cc) and phasing out XLI some time in 2016/2017.

CNG will b an issue in SWIFT .

^ How?> its a standard suzuki engine.

Why ruin a petrol engine by running it on CNG? CNG will do nothing but make your car's engine weep in agony and it will die a slow, painful death, till you put it out of its misery. My advice, if you can afford to hunt for the parts for the JPDM vehicles [mostly accessories, interior stuff, you'll know exactly what I mean if ever you need one], then by all means knock yourself out. However, if you want a functioning vehicle with everything readily available across the country, then go for a local assembled car, but my recommendation would be to opt for a brand new car, because our people are bunch of idiots who simply don't have the etiquettes of how to drive a car properly. If you handle your car with love & care, it will serve you well for a very long time.

Regarding transmissions, if you travel long distances, then opt for manual transmission, as it'll save you in fuel expenses compared to auto. However, if you travel within cities and are stuck in traffic jams most of the time, then auto would be a better choice. Ultimately, it depends on what you decide. Suzuki Swift is running the same M13A engine that was introduced earlier in Suzuki Liana in 2006. Its a great engine for its size and can go head to head with an XLi which offers similar specs. I drive one myself, so my experience has been a pleasant one with it [so far]. Be aware though that minor maintenance chores are part of a car's existence and due to incompetencies of pakistani's craftsmen, you might run into a small annoyance here and there. But as long as you take notice of issues that pop up in time and fix them accordingly, you won't end up with a huge bill in the long run.

Hope this helps.