Surge Protectors


any one using one of these surge protectors? specially the ones with phone line/dsl splitter.. would it help in improving the dsl connection's performance in any way? where can i find one of these here in karachi

are they available in pakistan? :o

I wanted to buy one for use with my PC some time ago. After endlessly searching electrical/electronic shops in Lahore, I realized that such things are not popular locally.

I did however manage to buy one from Hafeez Centre; there were only two available. Though I returned it immediately after wards as the surge protectors inside the device failed to work, either being defective or damaged.

I now use a servo motor stabilizer connected in series with a ferroresonant transformer stabilizer. The fuses in each of the devices hopefully provide some additional protection.

but stabilizers don't provide any protection from surges that come through phone lines or tv cables...

I have an APC UPS it has a surge protection built in for any item you plug into it it's sockets, it also has surge protection for one RJ-11 connector...but again there is no surge protection if I want to connect my cable wala's cable to my PC...

firestorm you are absolutely correct. May you know of a solution for you mentioned problem?