Gone are the days when online shopping was considered to be risky trade for Pakistan, but, there are many online shopping stores now, who are delivering online purchased goods on a daily basis. At the same time still there are so many internet users who avoid online shopping due the fraud-fear-factor. The question arises that should this fraud-fear-factor is only risk online shopping stores, and physical shopping is completely fraud free? No, because any individual may get cheated from a physical store as well. To avoid such incidents, a shopper does his research and evaluate a shop by its face value, way of dealings etc. The same can be done very easily for an online store as well and you can facilitate yourself with shop at home. It does not apply only in Pakistan but for world-wide online shopping., is another online shopping portal, launched recently, we are in this business for quite a long and Alhamdolillah already have many satisfied clients. As offers cash-on-delivery payment option for major cities of Pakistan, it minimizes the risk of any sort of fraud. Process is simple, you place order, we deliver the item to your door step and you pay at the time of delivery.

As the has just recently launched the product base will be increased on a daily basis. So stay connected and we assure you that, whether you are a regular or first time online shopper, we will change your thoughts for online shopping, by giving you the best and the most honest dealing. And that’s what we promise. Happy Shopping with

You seem to be targeting the high-end customer, with your TagHuer

watches and Porsche sunglasses, which is very odd. Maybe I am

missing something here.

People who buy such items will want to flaunt where they got them,

as much as any inherent value of the purchased item. You wouldn't

wanna have to explain that you got your Armani glasses from some...

website. That will erode all confidence and cache of the item. Secondly,

in this economy, you are only going to get so much business for such

over-priced toys.

Maybe you believe that you can make-up in margin, what other such

services (like Khadim Online) are trying for, in volume. Khadim will

buy any item(s) you specify from any shop and deliver all your

groceries to your door-step, for only Rs.150/-. That's what you

would spend in fuel alone. So that is a good idea and I hope the

people behind it, flourish. It can be a God send, for people who are

old, sick, home-bound or just don't have the time to do shopping.

These sort of services have been doing the rounds in metropolis

in the western world for decades now. Much before the advent of

the internet.

Sheikh 'Find Your Niche' Chilli

Another website selling items on Cash On Delivery basis asks customers to pay first and then open the box. How about your policy?

Secondly many of the brands you are offering already have official dealers, so why one would buy a Rolex watch from you?

Do you have physical outlets?

[quote=“sheikh_chilli, post:2, topic:15676”]

You seem to be targeting the high-end customer, with your TagHuer watches and Porsche sunglasses, which is very odd. Maybe I am missing something here.


It’s not high end. He is offering replicas - Tags & Brietlings are not for 6-7k :)

You are missing out the concept of online shopping stores. Whatever is offered at any online shopping store are all available in some physical outlets as well. You only get the advantage of shop-at-home facility.

Like any other thing in the world it has its pros & cons as well.

@hashimk, yes watches are replicas but 1st copy which is normally called swiss copy. Which are truely and amazingly so very close to the original, no one, yes no one can make the difference at one glance. In fact one really has to check in detail to know that its original or a replica. Quality wise they are good too, for example if the original watch is made of scratch less material then swiss 1st copy is made of the same.

But perfumes, are guaranteed original, no replicas or 1st copy for perfumes. Soon, you will see, clear marking for which product is a replica and which one is original