Summer! low voltage problem, A.C. not working?

My area voltage drops to 180 volts at night due to heavy loads of air conditioners. So i was thinking of buying voltage stabilizer for 1.5 AC.

Can this stabilizer bring voltage from 180 to 220 and how much it will cost ?

yes voltage stablizer bring yours low volatge to normal voltage . if u have 1.5 ton Split buy 5000 watts or if u have 1.5 ton window then buy 7000 watts

i bought two months back 7000 watts for 6000 rs Auto Volt maid in Lahore.

@Sam33r, please let me know Auto Volt address and phone no if possible, i am also in lahore.

well man i live in karachi i bought it from Karachi Eltronics Market. Regal.

stabilizers are a must with such heavy appliances

we cant think of getting ac without stabilizer