Suitable UPS for two dry 150 AH batteries

I am looking for best UPS for two 150 AH dry batteries. Load shedding is about 9-10 hours/daily. 4 Fan max can be used and 5 energy savers. I have found Cyber Power CPS1500PIE 1500VA . It has 20 AMP charging rate. What you people suggest? Please give your expert opinion. Thanks

for UPS go for APC 1500 VA ......... works with 2 batteries ........ pure sine wave ....... for batteries u shud buy dry cell gel batteries instead local wet batteries ...

no UPS could charge the batteries if the load shedding is that much ! APC charging is 8 to 9 amps per hour ! now u can calculate . u will need extra charger .

Yes nadeem5476, you are right it has only 9-10 amp current. what do you think about Cyber Power CPS1500PIE 1500VA It has 20 amp current rate, will it work fine ?

@APC_UPS could you please tell me is there any UPS of APC more than 2000VA with 24VDC(double battery) ??

apc 1 kva and 1.5 kva is 24 vdc UPS .......... apc 2.2 kva and 3 kva is 48 vdc ups .......... so bottom line is this that if u want 2 batteries wala ups in apc then u hv to use either 1 kva or 1.5 kva .. if u really wants to screw ur batteries then use an external charger with it otherwise u can go to any other non apc ups like the one u r mentioning above ......

unless using a solar charger, or a powerfull high quality ZTE or seimens chargers, donot connect any other external charger to dry batteries..with an APC

150AH dr batteries will never be fully charged by an APC 1500sui... sales and marketing people will say so,, but it wont..

the only proper ups in apc for our homes is the 2200va.. with 4 batteries.. 4 smaller 100AH batteries will charge faster and give more backup than 2x 150AH batteries..