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hello friends. I want your suggestions regarding my question. I want to buy cyberpower or homage ups/inverter with battery for using 2 fans and 4 energy saver. what would you suggest me? which ups and battery should i buy? thanks

cyberpower is good choice as compared to these inverters ......... but in market used APC UPS are also available ... cheaper and better performance than cyberpower ... for ur above mentioned load 1 KVA will be ok ......... in terms of battery if u want to buy liquid local battery then AGS ll be a good choice in dry u can go for NARADA brand ....

what is the charging current rate of 1.5 kw apc maximum. and much solar panel can attached to this system having 2 battery of 150 ah?????

apc 1500 va is 980 watts ups ... max to max amps is 12 amps ...dont no abut solar panels .....

DONOT buy homage. APC 1500SUI is suffiecient for your needs , but charging isnt that good of that unit for summer loadshedding. you need atleast 130AH x2 or x4 batteries depending on your ups. higher is better.. but the 1500sui isnt capable of fully charging batteries of 165AH and above due to extreme loadshedding here.. a higher powered unit like the 220VA or above is more suitable.. with that you can even use 4 smaller 100AH batteries and get loads of backup and very fast charging.

@ atiq. as per your previous PM, the apc 1500SUi unit is not suitable for your current and future solar needs.. its much smaller.

whichever ups system you buy, supporting it with a solar setup(panel + charge controller) will prolong the life of your batteries and will be able to provide backup in long load-shedding hours.

go for homage

Are 12v inverters are not pure sinewave compare to 24v

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