Suggestions required for a widescreen LCD

OK guys, everybody's got LCDs these days, its about time I got one too.

So I'll be needing your people's wise advice who already own one.

My budget is 16-17k PKR, and i'm thinking about a black/silver (both?) color.

I've checked galaxy, and most of the monitors there have dynamic ratios same stupid and insame number like 5000:1 but in the brackets, its always like (700:1) ...

You guys suggest me a nice LCD in this range, i'll be using it for games/movies also, but my major priority is working in apps like Photoshop etc, or coding compilers etc. I normally have like around 15 windows open in my task bar and i hope the wide screen version will help cope with that issue also.

most of the ~15PKR range LCDs have 5ms response time, any lcd that has less that 5ms response time in my budget range?

any tips would be welcome. Also, what do you guys think about LCDs being 'lighter' on eyes compared to CRTs? ...rays vs liquid crystals? Share your thoughts here please.

Just get anything Samsung or Viewsonic.

Both are excellent. I bought Viewsonic but that was only because I don't like the clutter of speakers on my table. Samsung don't generally come with speakers.

700:1 ratio is perfectly fine for your use. 5 ms is good enough for games as well. If you're a ultra gamer and have big bucks to spend that you look at something like 2 ms.

Btw the Samsung 226BW does have an excellent response rate of 2 ms is 22 inches but at Rs. 21800 would not fit the budget range which you gave. I wanted to buy it but then it was short in the market. I bought Viewsonic 2235 instead.

Links to both screens.

5ms for response time is not bad at all. You might notice some ghosting when you first switch to LCD, but that's normal. A LCD's response time can not match that of a CRT. But don't worry, you can easily watch movies (enjoy the HD rips :P ) and play games on a LCD with 5ms response time.

I've a LG L194WT 19 inch widescreen monitor and I'm quite satisfied with it so far. (Though I really want to get an even bigger screen now :P )

I got it for 17k some months back, but Shophive is selling it for 15790 rupees now. I'm sure you can get it even cheaper from a local shop.

With the budget you have, you can easily get a 19 inch widescreen LCD with decent specs. What brand you go for is up to you. Read the reviews and decide for yourself.

As for eyes, your eyes will thank you. Working constantly in front of a CRT screen and jabbing your eyes with a fork amounts to the same thing IMO. :P

Good luck with the purchase. :)

unless u use DVI cable to connect ur LCD to CPU, you shall not enjoy the contrast ratios you shall be paying for.

i suggest that you should get a 22" screen. u wont regret. i bet..

its worth spending a little extra