[Suggestions Required] 5kW Hybrid Solar System for home


I am looking to install a 5kW hybrid solar system in our house and possibly which is compatible with IESCO’s netmetering. I am a layman in this and don’t know which brands are good and which are to be avoided etc

If someone would be so kind to guide me on this front and suggest me a setup, I shall be grateful. Budget can go upto 500k±

The setup will be for a 5bedroom house and we want to run TV lounge’s inverter AC (1.5) on solar during daytime.

I think 500K is too low for 5kW system. Bear in mind I am referring to 5kW, not 5kVA.

Systems capable of net metering usage are typically more expensive than the usual standalone/hybrid systems.

Budget can of course be increased but first need to know some fundamentals,

  • type of inverter and the brands available here locally
  • type of panels
  • type of wiring
  • batteries
  • costs