Suggestions for new PC

Hey guyz i am going to buy a new CPU with the following specs:

CPU: Intel Core i3-530 (2.93 GHz)

Mobo: Asus P7H55-V

Ram: Kingston 2GB

Casing: Asus Vento 7700 (blue colour)

HDD: WD 500 Gb

DVD RW:HP (Sata)

I will use it for mainly playing games like NFS....Crysis...Mafia II etc.....

Plz tell weather these specs are the way my budget is not more than 40,000 PKR...Thanx

2 gigs of RAM is dismal. Bump it up to 4 GB at least.

Yeah I agree with Sah here. If you need to free up some cash for the 4GB RAM just get a generic chinese casing without power supply. You can then buy a branded power supply which you will need anyway for your discrete graphics card.

edit: I notice you haven't included a graphics card in your post. You will need one for playing games. I will leave it to more experienced forum members to give you a recommendation on the GPU.

hey if you are going to buy a mid range gaming system, then you will need a GPU and a PSU. Budget may exceed your limit...

I don't htink 2Gb and I3 are enough, get atleast 4 Gb and I5

i3 has plenty of power for gaming. And the 530 is an OC beast when coupled with the right mobo. A graphic card would be necessary for gaming, without a doubt. Go for an ATI HD4870 or a 5770 at least.

hey leave the Asus casing and go for


This is cheaper and it has a PSU as well.

As For GPU go for


^ why?? asus casing is more stylish and effecient in cooling but plz tell asus vento 7700 comes with any psu?? the way my budget is not more than 40,000 PKR...Thanx


Asus vento is not really necessary i think. Any good cooler master casing will do just fine.

Because you want to make a gaming pc you need to save money in the budget for a good graphic card. The online graphics will NOT play the games you want. I think that consider a dual core system as well.

Therefore I suggest the following which will play all the games you have listed easily:

mobo: Asus P5KPL-AM Second Edition. rs 4350

pro: E6500 2.93 GHZ dual core. rs 6800

Ram: 2 gb ram ddr 2 800. rs 3700

case+ps: COOLER MASTER CHASSIS CM ELITE 333 WITH 420W power supply. rs 4600

Gpu card

for gaming: His 5750 ATI PCX ICOOLER IV 512MB (128-BITS) DDR5. rs 12000

dvd rom: samsung dvd rw sata rs. 2000

Hard disk: sata 2 500 gb rs. 4000

total: 37450

Happy gaming


If you want a core i3 system with a good graphic card then i suggest you increase your budget. You will definately have to add a graphic card because the onboard graphics of core i3 are not good i am afraid..

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

^ why?? asus casing is more stylish and effecient in cooling but plz tell asus vento 7700 comes with any psu??

No it doesnt come with a PSU.

BTW have you ever checked these sites

Go to these sites and check the casings. If you do want the best casing with best bang for the buck then go for CM 690 II

Also Jacks recommendations aint that bad. You can run most games at high settings, assuming you are using 19-22" LCDs

even on a normal monitor he will be able to run most lastest games on good settings

the asus casing i have suggested comes with a power supply

^You mean Cooler Master not Asus

oh yeah i meant cooler master,,,was in a hurry

well, i have gone through and im really impressed by cooler master nvidia edition , how iz it in you view??

the nvidia edition is cool casing but it has no power supply, if you can afford it....fine,,or u can always follow my other suggestion

^^Look bro you wont use any liquid cooling nor will you use triple GPUs, nor will you overclock your CPU that much, so stick with CM690 II and avoid full towers. The casing surprisingly has a very good cooling and you can modify it a lot. check its reviews online.

okay leave discussion about psu and casing.....just tell me wether i must install vista 64 or 32bit or win 7 64 or 32bit....on these specs...thanx

^ Vista or Win7? How is that even a question...Install Win 7, and install the 64-bit version if the processor is 64-bit.

well since this post is miore active i will post here

is 2.93 ghz dual shud be good enuf for gaming now

but how much longer do u think its gonna work .. will it be good enuf to last 1-2 years

i dnt mind playing games on low settings .. graphics are not all that appealing to me

i wud prefer low graphix and better game play



GPU and 3D card are same or diffrent


and i googled the GPU u mentioned cudnt find anything on net on it

so a lil help there

and is 512 good enuf or shud we got for 1gb GPU ??

and can any one add me on yahoo or msn so i can chat with him regarding buying a pc as em planning on buying one this friday or saturday so it wud be great if u contacted me asap

last question

how much is the price diffrence regarding computers in lahore and rwp

i herd its much cheaper in lahore

i herd the desktop u get here for 25k u can get it for 12-13 k in lahore

so is their any truth to this rumor ??


another thing

what if i got for some second hand parts

we can get hard disk second hand at quite cheap price

and 3D cards aswell (dnt knw bout GPU)

all i need is a CPU and well the casing cud be ugly as hell i wnt care ..