Suggestion to Mods!

Could we have a review section in the main forum ?

A place where everyone who's bought something new could chip in their two cents about their product and we could all benefit from their information sharing. I used to write a lot of stuff on the old forum just so that I could share my experiences with other people. It started by me looking for a review of something and I couldn't find anything on it on the net except here. It helped me.

A thread where if someone's pissed off at a product or feels mistreated they can tell people about it, if they like something they can do the same. Like the UPS thread in the last forum or the Genset thread or the Telenor story that I had to share.

Well you don't really need a separate section. Just use the existing ones, for example hardware reviews can go under the Computer Hardware section. If a reviews section is added, it'll create unnecessary overlap! Thanks for the suggestion though :) Lets see what others have to say too.