Suggestion: Retail Store Reviews section

How about, a new forum/section where we can post reviews of our experiences with various tech-related shops? Their prices, their customer-friendliness, their after-sales services and such, including online stores that operate from Pakistan.

It's very important these days to have some kind of heads-up concerning rip-offs and find out about lesser-known bargains

?? no one?

We NEED a reviews section for shops!

The Memon-mafia is just as bad as the ISP mafia here!!

^ Just because there is no section dedicated to the cause, does not mean that people can't post reviews of tech related shops on WP. So, go ahead! Post in General Tech or Computer Hardware (if its hardware related). We avoid unnecessary clutter and needless sections since it decreases the forums usability.

there's already superfluous sections like Websites, and Gaming :) and posting reviews of one shop per thread would get lost in a section about other stuff as well.

Also, it'd be handy to have just one place to look into for some specific shops before visiting them.

^ I disagree with you that the Websites and Gaming section are superfluous. Regardless, there simply won't be enough reviews for it to deserve a completely different section. To give you an example, the Gaming section has the lowest number of topics at 97. I wouldn't expect even half that number of reviews, so having a dedicated section would be pointless.

And if you or anybody else disagrees with that, lets see people start posting reviews so such a request would hold weight.

How about a Tags system? single section/directory, multiple tags for each thread?

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Also, it’d be handy to have just one place to look into for some specific shops before visiting them.

This is where a wiki would come in handy, editable by all logged in users of the forum. Will look into setting up a wiki…

Thanks KO!