Suggestion req?

I am moved from Gulshan-e-Iqbal to China Chowk (near old Sabzi Mandi) and I was using Connect communication but no connect communication here in my area so i am going for PTCL BB, I have TP link double antenna router, if i buy 4mb PTCL BB... will they give me free router ? and if yes then which router should i use for better signals, the PTCL one or my own TP link? please suggest.

What is model of your TPLINK router?

PTCL provides a 150Mbps wireless router with internal antennas. It's range is okayish for use on single floor through 1-2 walls max.

PTCl is now providing Double Antenna Wifi Modem for better wifi range.

Go for it. It works like a charm in an average size home.