Suggestion needed for a normal size Fridge

Hi Guys, as summer is approaching, I need to buy a new refrigerator / fridge, My budget is around 35K and I am looking for 10-12 CF size. Please suggest me good brand, with good power efficiency and reliability. I am thinking about

  1. Haier

  2. Pel

  3. Dawlance

Please let me know your thoughts.

i think go with haier, i bought a fridge last year i think and i searched around alot to look at different company’s fridges. i found haier’s fridges to be of better build quality.

the fridge i bought was of a similar price as ur budget.

Pel used to be best brand and we have 2 fridges at home and our cousins also have same brand refrigerators, but this brand is lesser known to Pakistani, but now a days they are using cheap material to manufacture their products, but a recent campaign on tv claims that they are offering 10 years warranty for their compressor and that is something you should consider.


Hi @talhadl can you tell what exact model did you buy, and what was its price at that time.

yea i bought haier 355 DM and it was for 35,000

I recommend you to buy Refrigerator with Inverter technology, It is a technology for future :slight_smile:

Dawlance has recently launched it’s inverter series.

Bought Dawlance around 2 years ago probably 12 CFT. Quite satisfied with it, attaching photo of nameplate

I suggest Dawlance as we are using it since 8 years, and yes it is a Frost type means ice in its Freezer.