Suggestion/Info Required - Calls to UAE

Hi Guys,

One of my friend has some relatives in UAE and looking for some cheaper option to make calls from Pakistan to UAE. He asked me if I knew about any net2phone or pc2phone type service which can serve his needs. As I am not aware of any similar providers, so I thought I should ask fellow WP members for help/suggestion. So I have mainly two questions :

1. Any of you aware of any PC2Phone or Net2Phone type service which can help in making cheaper calls to UAE ? And if you have used any, then please provide some related info.

2. Any of you that make regular calls to UAE to relatives or otherwise, what is the more economical option you can suggest ?


i use ufone the cheapest

^ Its 12 PKR per minute from ufone and that too exclusive of taxes, so not all that cheap. But yes probably cheapest among all cell phone companies.

Bhai get a nokia phone with symbian 60 OS. Then install fring on the mobile. Then you can get internet package from phone in pakistan and sign in into msn or yahoo on fring then ask the person in UAE to sign in to msn or yahoo and have a voice chat.

You can also have video call if your phone can do it. You can talk for hours if u have unlimited internet package. You will just be charged for internet.

You can download fring from and install it on mobile.

ANd if the person in UAE doesn't have access to PC he can also install fring and subscribe to unlimited internet package for AED 99 per month of etisalat.

But if u want to call to phone then u can use Tpad. It has good rates.