Suggestion for solar system

Salam want to install 10 kw solar system at home, the main reason to install is save money and for backup, need expert advice who have well knowledge about solar system, i have contacted many companies but their rates are too high, plz contact.

Either go DIY or pay someone to set it up.

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i am considering to pay someone but every one is trying to sell its stock material either its good quality or not, that is y i am looking for any expert who advice and tell me which brand to select for PV module and which for inverters and other accessories so that i can buy them my self and install.

And plz recommend me any one from whom I could set my solar system

First thing you have to run DC appliances or AC appliances after the setup?

Read sum terms off-grid and on-grid and which setup you have to go.

There are 10 KW hybrid inverter like Infini but these are expensive one. 5KW cost is round about 125k, which can connect to 4 batteries and take load of 4K solar panel.
Good quality 150w panel cost vary from 6000-9000 ranges from A grade to A+ Grade.

We want to run Ac appliances and on grid system because we will further apply for net metering.

Here is rough minimum cost of running one single 1.5 ton ac that run from 8 ampere and down to 3 ampere.

1). Inverex VMIII 5.0 KW --> 75,000 Rs
2). AGS 105 Ampere Battery --> 10500x4=42,000 (can increase or decrease as per budget)
3). Solar panel 150w --> 6500x12=78000 (Can increase or decrease as per budget)
4). 10mm cable --> 250 per meter (distance should be less than 30 feet).

Total cost round about 2 lacs.

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Waoo that’s owe some that you have so much of knowledge regarding this can you plz tell me any one from whom I can install my system … or if you can give me your contact num so could contact you …
thanks to this forum :blush:

PM you!