Suggestion for Motorbike

Hello guys!

I need your help as I would like to purchase a motor-bike for everyday use. Please suggest the manufacturer and model which you think is the best.

Google has given the list of manufacturer with some pricing idea (bit old) but the difference in their price is quite wide.

I know that Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha are the branded one (that's why they have higher price tags) but not sure about Habib, Pak Hero, Metro, Ravi and others. The feedback about the motorbike which you are using will also be helpful in making me final decision.

Thanks in anticipation!!!

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Habib, Pak Hero, Metro, Ravi and others.

they are not above 45K and not long lasting 33nyibm.gif

Suzuki has Japanese engine. I have Suzuki 110 which i like due to quick acceleration. If someone run it below 60km/h then he can get millage > 70km/litter.

Honda 70, 2006 model!

I hope you are seeking for 70 cc Motor bike in low budgets. In that case, Metro MR 70 is preferable as it has Chinese engine with Digital speedometer and good mileage. It is the next best to Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki.

IF you can afford then prefer Honda then otherwise Super Power is the best choice !