Suggestion for LED monitor

After great effort i came up with two LED monitors but can't decide which one to go for..

1. HP LED 2311F 23" BLACK WIDESCREEN = 19.9k



Can't decide which one should i go for.. Any suggestions?

*The prices mentioned above are taken from galaxy computers website, however market prices will probably be lower.


Yaar koi tau help kar do....

Get Samsung they are the best in Screens


You'll have warranty and probably Service center in your city (if you got any trouble later) pay little more and worry less

Yup i am gonna go for Samsung inshaAllah.

But not the model i posted above since i don't like the stand of it.

So i am probably gonna go for Samsung S22A300B

I will suggest you do not go for the Samsung S22A300B,

it specs according to the website provided is:

Price: Rs 19090

Size: 21.5 inch

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Response Time: 5ms


rather take a look at this option:


Price: Rs 17100.........much cheaper then the other model

Size: 21.5 inch

contrast ratio: 5000000 : 1...hugely better then other model

Response Time: 5ms

more info:

available from

I got Samsung SyncMaster S23A300B..

I really like it. Awesome LED :)

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I got Samsung SyncMaster S23A300B…

I really like it. Awesome LED :)


from where and of how much?

Go for choosing a LCD manufactured by Samsung, it has got the best colors out of all the LCD'S available....

Well--I would suggest go for 23" and you will find it big as compared to 21".

Moreover, my best advice would be that if you are spending 18k go for somewhat used 24" LCD. 24" is VERY VERY big and I mean it. Do check that out and you will find that yourself!


I got Samsung SyncMaster S23A300B..

I really like it. Awesome LED


guys guys,

the threadmaker already has purchased the lcd!!!

^for how much did you buy it..?

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^for how much did you buy it…?


A normal LCD of Dell which i bought was for 7,500 Rupees PKR…

Bro, go for the Samsung. I have been using mine since 2 years and am extremely satisfied with mine. Plus I received genuine 3-year warranty. Make sure you buy it from authorized dealer. NO matter what the shopkeeper tells you, Samsung does offer a proper 3year warranty if you get it from the right people.

Hope this helps!


As there are too many LED/LCD Monitor suggestion threads, So I'm asking within a thread.

Can any one suggest me a Budget LED Monitor? Budget: 12+K

Previously I used Samsung SyncMaster 733nw 17" LCD, but it was stolen.

I use PC for Browsing, Web Design/Dev & Movies so don't need Big and Expensive ones & can't in this budget :P