Suggest me some good 3rd person Shooter games!

Can somebody suggest me some good 3rd person shooter games, i am big fan of "HITMAN" series, so something like that, i don't like GTA theme as its killing, killing and more killing :-/


^ He's asking us for our opinions...


Well, GTA isn't all about killing, but I know why some people dislike it, so thats ok.

Now tell me, what type of 3rd person shooters do you like? I mean there are sub-genres and different types of gameplay & story, etc.

If you liked the Hitman series, than you might like Death to Spies series, perhaps Splinter Cell series aswell, I assume that you've already played Max Payne series, but if you haven't, then do so, it isn't like hitman, but its really good.'s_Splinter_Cell

If you like what i recommend, tell me, I'll expand my suggestions.

And also, there's Hitman 5, which is coming this December, with a possibility of getting delayed till next year, which is all good as long as it lives upto its title.

Yup! already played Max Payne, but never play Splinter Cell or DTS, thanks will download them soon!

Dude Max Payne is the game for you!

Splinter cell is more of a stealth action.


Gears of war 2.

Red Faction guirella

already told that played max payne 1 & 2 long time ago, i have heard there was MP3 coming out this year?

^ Play dead space 1 & 2. You will not be disappointed :). Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one gem of a game, if you can stand the horro, that is :D.

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Splinter cell is more of a stealth action.

Well MZC did say he loves Hitman, which is also a stealth-action series, so…


GoW & DS aren’t everyone’s type of game, so i recommend you first read/watch reviews before downloading them.

RFG is a great game, one of my favorites, but its mass-destruction/killing type of game, with almost none stealth elements, so check it out before downloading it too.

And Amnesia is a 1st person game…

Max Payne 3 is constantly getting delayed further & further, so we can only wait for a official release date.

If you can tell me a few more 3rd person action games that you’ve played & like, it’ll be easier for me to recommend you more games.

^ like freedom fighter, GUN, etc.

There are no good torrents for Tom Clancy's Series :-(

^ Well you can download the last one (Conviction), it is available with good seeds. While in the background you can keep downloading the pack, it'll take some time, but it'll be worth it.

BTW do you own any gaming platforms other than your PC, up until now I've only recommended PC games.

Another great PC action game series is Mafia, both 1 & 2 are great games, which are like GTA in the 50's, with more focus on story than shooting/killing, they're both great, and you can skip the first if you're not into out-dated graphics.

Also, Blood Stone is quite similar to SC: Conviction, its not as good, but similar nonetheless, and its available with good seeds currently. So you may give it a try.

What systems do you have? (PC, 360, PS3, PSP, DS)

Besides Hitman which other game do you like?

Have you tried (PC users):

Splinter Cell Conviction (Much different from the previous iterations)

Dead Space 1or 2

Devil May Cry 4

Resident Evil 4 or 5 (4 being better in terms of mission variety)

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Gears of War

Just Cause 2


GTA: San Andreas (Probably the best in terms of mission variety and scenarios of all the great action movies)

The Punisher (2005)

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Best game of 2009)

Metal Gear Solid 1/2/3

The Thing

The Suffering

Armed and Dangerous (absolutely hilarious)


Rouge Trooper

Death To Spies

Advent Rising

Try Silent Hill series if you're into survival horror genre.

I am on the PC Platform, Thanks guys these are so many games, lots of downloading :)


good job dude...

you listed almost all of them..

Umm.... Do you guys even read the thread or just look at the title & start posting? OP said that he disliked GTA because of the killing, then do you really think he'll like games like Dead Space & Just Cause? Whose gameplay emphasis on killing? My assumption according to the given details is, that OP likes stealth games with the least focus on mass murder/killing...

@MZC You might, and might not like some of the games listed in this thread, even the ones i recommended you, the best way to find out if you'll like a game or not is watching video reviews of those games, i recommend youtube. Hope i helped.

^yup doing the same :)

@deffury : man u r a gaming khuar

try bionic commando too

Just read the above praises

Thank you all!!.. sniff..

Gears Of War

Max Payne 2

Crysis 2

If you like sci-fi space games. Then give mass effect 1 & 2 a try.