Suggest me a Refrigerator :)

Hey there!! I am looking for a elegant designed refrigerator, I would love to read all your suggestions according to your past experience regarding refrigerators. I have a budge for upto 45K to 50K which is quite enough. Following aspects will be needing under the roof kindly take a look on that.

1, Elegant Design + Quality Build
2, Direct Cool and should have huge Capacity for upto 5 people
3, Energy Efficient
4, Reliability
5, Long Term Evaluation

Kindly share your valuable experience so I can make my way smooth to go over

My family purchased Dawlance Red glass door refrigerator about 1.5 years ago. Initially it had a problems in fridge in cooling (because of mishandling while carrying up to my apartment- oil got stuck up) but it went away on its own. Electronic products in Pakistan are very unpredictable, some shopkeepers would sell you refurbished appliances/products and you wouldn’t even know.

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Yes!!! I have heard about Dawlance a lot as they are now fooling people but some of those are so satisfied with Dawlance products that make me think why shouldn’t I go with Dawlance, However I am totally confused and I really don’t know what would be the best brand to chose from. One of my cousin bought PEL about a year ago and according to him PEL is the best brand to go with for home appliances but I don’t like PEL because of its old style manufacturing and also they don’t have that much space in there as Dowlance is offer to consumers according to their need. But now I realized that choosing home appliances is not much easy as its supposed to be :frowning:

  1. Dawlance (been using H Zone since past 4-5 years, no issues so far)
  2. Electrolux

build quality varies, I liked Electrolux more than Dawlance.

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finally I went with Dawlance H-Zone Plus 16 cu as I heard they are using best compressor and they improved their build quality in their recent models that is* why I selected that one. I would see how it goes with the new experience I hope it will* work for me and the rest will be our responsibility to take care of it.


Hopefully it will serve you good for a long time.