Suggest me a Graphic card ! [urgent]


Please suggest me a good graphic card. I need some thing like this :

64/128 bit

VRAM = 1gb or 512mb

I have a budget of 5k-7k

and a 300W PSU

My System Specs :

Dell Vostro A180

Intel core2duo E6400

2gb ddr2 x 1

hdd x 1

dvd x 1

no any other PCI card

and I think after having a low profile card like gt520, the total consumption would be 200-210 watt

correct me if I am wrong

Thank You,

M.Abdul Subhan

in 5-7 thou, you will be better off with a ati 5670 (512 mb with 128 bit) or a gt 240 nvidia (slightly cheaper and also slightly less powerful)

300 watt ps will be more then enough for them.

what will you use the graphic card for, gaming, movie watching or normal work??

well thnx for the suggestion, this card is so cool. :)

I think I am in love with BF3 so that I want to buy it, I will also use it for some 3d designing work.

can you provide me some links of its price and specs in Pakistan?

also tell me which one is better - HIS or XFX ?

His are mostly better and have better cooling.

If you are going for xfx, then try not to get the small cooler onces (in case of 5670) for example do not get this one from the market:

for xfx gt 240 ddr 3

in uni center, karachi a leadtek version is available with ddr 5 memory so it is faster,

also 5670 is short in the market so you will have to search for it.

ps. bf3 is a demanding game but it can be played with both gt 240 and 5670 with medium low settings. you can check youtube for videos.

AMD Radeon HD 6990 this is the best graphic card i know

khurram Shahzad

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