Suggest for Stabilizer

HI guys, can anyone pls guide/suggest me good Stabilizer for my LCD/LED tv & from where to buy? I am in Karachi.

Aetco brand

With servo motor

Bhai Rimco Stabilizer

Here is the pic


Technic Info

			R-40 Prime
			4000 Watts
			70-260 V
			Output Precision
			220V ± 8%
			Over Voltage Protection
			< 240 ± 5V
			Lack Volatge Protection
			< 200 ± 5V
			Over/Short Load Protection
			Temperature Protection
			100° C

Ordinary relay type stabilizer is not good because its accuracy level is >=8-10% while servo motor type stabilizer's accuracy level is close to 3%. In Pakistan, Aetco servo motor type stabilizers are best of all. Their contact # in Lahore 04237221716 dont know if their branch available in Khi.

One senior most person of Aetco left the company and started his own company name IBH-Tech ( I have not used their UPS yet but sure their product are also reliable. You may talk with them.

prefer not to use a stabilizer with an led tv.. use a very small ups with internal battery and avr.. this will prevent fluctuation shoocka and provide enough backup for you to easily shut down lcd when loadshedding.. small ups like apc 500va or 700va with any internal battery or small external dry battery will keep your appliance safe for many many years with voltage regulation, voltage spikes and shortcircuits.. you can also add any other small applaince as load is upto 300w easy.

those aetco stabilizers are servomotor and for tvs and audio equipment servo are bad choice.. also they come as minimum 800W which is too much over powered just for tv. and expensive.. plus no loadshedding prevention.

Thanks you everyone :)

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prefer not to use a stabilizer with an led tv.. use a very small ups with internal battery and avr..


can you tell me how much it will cost for small ups ?

APC cs650 makes 400 watt and contains single battery of 12v, 7 ah. Refurb ll cost u with new internal battery 8k and new one is 14k.

Pak Cheen dosti ups is also available in market. Ranges frm 5k - 7k. 650 va