Suggest a PSU. ASAP!

Hi fellows.

Suggest me a power supply, as my current power supply went kaboom last night!

Now i woukd like to have the best suggestion at earliest possible by the geniuses of WP.

My budget would be 5k but i can add another 1k to it.

The working capacity would be better if more than 450watts, like 500 watts or anything likd that. My pc load is two hdds, dvd rom, single module ram ddr3, Gpu Nvidia gts 450 etc.

Please provide you precious advice or advise(what ever it is, grammar yukh :P) at earliest possilbe.


Get this:


Oh and Advice means suggestion, while advise means to give advice.

For example:

Guys, I need your advice!

Guys, Will you please advise me?

^ that corsair is good enough because of your limited load.. if you however plan to increase in future with more Disks and a high end GPU, you should go for a one time 600-700W supply..

my Cooler master 600W PSU has been working with a 7870 and 660TI easily running high end games at high end quality for hours of gaming.. my system is usually on for almost 8-12 hours a day for many years..So far Every CM Supply i have seen is working excellent , and comes in affordable price.. and warranty..

Corsair are expensive but they also have high reliability if their internals are made by Seasonic or similar higher end company.

PS; this post is NOT UP FOR DEBATE. there are Pre-Unerstood facts stated that majority systems will work fine with 500W, Corsair are expensive and better than majority brands.

Thanks for the replies as i was also.thinking of the corsair vs550 or cm elite v2 500.

I might not upgrade this pc in near future.

CM are more affordable and work fine.. its one of the largest manufacturer of PSU.. there must be a reason.

for just a few more rs, get the 600W one.. or get a used PSU for almost a lot less.

^ The comments regarding CM are very mixed, for those it worked it works, for others it got f***ed up real soon. A lot of people will suggest you not to buy CM so based on those responses, i would say it's probably better to buy Corsair or other higher quality PSU. After all "Mehenga roye 1 baar, Sasta roye baar baar".

Ahmsun if you want more watts then you can add another k to your extended budget and get the Corsair 650 Watts one...

I myself am a fan of corsair.

I've delayed my decisiin of buying psu as due to long marchs there is shortage of pc parts in the local market. And the shopkeepers are speaking skyhigh prices.

I've also been recommended by someone about branded supply. As it is more affordabke and i've seen 750 watt supply ib the price of 300watts.please recommend.

^ DONOT BUY THEM..they suck ass..

Proper brands for retail sale of Good PSU are

Seasonic, Corsair, Cooler master. FSP, Xigmatec.. prefer to buy between these.. those branded ones are mainly designed for p4 systems and they are not 700W at all. there are a few Dell XPS series PSu, they cost around 6k for 750W, and are extremely good gaming PSU..but they are ver rare, very rarely original, and not as cheap as you would think..

PS: @upsilon, those were old days and those were their 1st gen PSU.. for past 4-5 years all their psu are built with high quality components and are majority winners of Gold awards for most of their series.. Silent pro being the to rated PSu of many years.

Still corsair is a personal preference, and everyone is entitled to buy what they prefer..

PPS: did you play Wolfenstein yet?

thank god!
I got a branded power supply for temporary usage. Atleast i can use PC again, i was highly annoyed by using mobile phones and tablets.

Now i've been searching for the proper brand power supply. There are some power supplies of thermaltake but the prices are ridiculously high for them.

As the shopkeeper was demanding 6K for a 460Watts PSU.


why are you against buying a branded power supply? is it because the wattage is not what it says or anything else?

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

those branded ones are mainly designed for p4 systems and they are not 700W at all. there are a few Dell XPS series PSu, they cost around 6k for 750W, and are extremely good gaming PSU..but they are ver rare, very rarely original, and not as cheap as you would think..

if you are referring to those second hand PSu sold in market, the reason i stated before in the previous post , quote here, is why. they are very old gen, and highly used psu used in a 24/7 office environment for basic pc only, providing low watts at amps which are much less than what a modern pc uses due to improved and very changed intel universal power specs.

if you are to be running a small system with a proc mobo ram and an average or builtin GPU for a long time, like a spare office pc, then those PSU are fine.. for casual gaming watching movies, and adding lots of HDDs, and System casing fans, donot expect them to last long

some of them are in great condition and are good quality ones, but since all look the same and you canot test them,you are stuck with lucky draw.

i wuld also suggest if you want to save money, buy from PG sellers selling Corsair, Antec and CM psu in bulk.. they have it at much cheaper than new price and are fairly powerful PSu, Corsair and Antec 460-550W are common, and are very high quality brands at almost 1/3 less than new price. sellers are also highly reputed. and will provide after sale cover for a couple of days.

Freind there are many mareketted ratings of PSU quality, the higher you'll go the higher it will cost. Due to the limited collection of brands and then after that the limited collection of available products, we are very much confined to take the wrong decision based upon price. Whereas we should always remember that the qoute "Mehenga roye 1 baar, Sasta roye baar baar" is only applicable for Pakistani and Chinese no name company goods.

Lets take my own situation a while ago when my new graphic card would go to sleep after hours of operation and I was devastated at the horror of eventually losing a 32k card (I had Antec EA-500D 500W PSU and XFX HD6950). I bought a Corsair HX520W second hand powersupply for 4.2k which refused to even boot with the card.

Then I researched on the internet and found that many brands actually have higher priced units but they have substandard components. It was really an excrutiating task to actually read reviews of almost all PSUs on the market and get to know the reality. To save you from doing the same, I would like you to refer to this tier list, it will answer your question and also be a good reference for future purchases as it gets updated with time.

Click on show full content in first post

At the end I bought the 9.5k CM Silent Pro Gold as it was the only Gold Rated PSU in my budget of 10k. Corsair TX series was very expensive and lacked a few modals which would have fit into my budget but alas! I think our distributors just pick modals out of a hat...

Nice and comprehensive suggestion but you are late bro. Really appreciate it.

I've already ordered for CM Elite V2 550 watts on 15th aug.
I was convinced after reading following review:

And it also fell in my budget. it costed me 5500 including shipping. I'll share the pics on receiving it, probably tomorrow.

Just for sake of knowledge what is this 80+ gold certificate? what are the standards for it?

This one is the Easiest to understand..

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
Well, 80 Plus (trademarked 80 PLUS) is a voluntary certification program intended to promote efficient energy use in computer power supply units (PSUs). Launched in 2004 by Ecos Consulting, it certifies products that have more than 80% energy efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% of rated load, and a power factor of 0.9 or greater at 100% load. That is, such PSUs will waste 20% or less electric energy as heat at the specified load levels, Thus reducing electricity use and bills compared to less efficient PSUs. Sometimes, rebates are given for manufacturers who use 80 Plus-certified PSUs.

Well, we have standard, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and Titanium certifications. A PSU that is certified 80 PLUS Gold or 80 PLUS Platinum is far more efficient than a normal unit. have a peek:


Source :,2.html

Thanx farhan_ds

I received the PSU yesterday on Monday.

It included one fused power cable, 4 screws, manual and the PSU.

And its working fine. :) now back to playing "THIEF". :(

that is one SOLID ass PSU and plenty for any modern gpu as well.. will last you many years easily.. :)

play and tell how good is thief.. i have it but didnt install it from long time.

:) I started it playing weeks ago but didn't get enough time nowadays to play games.
I've played first 2 or 3 chapters. Thief is real good game.