Suggest a new internet service other then wc, urgent

I need some help>>worldcall has been giving me problems for 3 months now and i need a new urgent internet conection from some other company>>

the wierd managers wasim and channd have not been able to resolve my issue and the worldcall account in my neighbours are also having problems

i live in dha phase v karachi near the sea>>maxcom and connect are not available in my area>>>any suggestions will be welcome


telephone lines are very bad in myarea as maxcomand ptcl both use those for internet>>that would be a bad idea>>any other suggections>>

Well if no WC or DSL, then all you got is WiMax and Cablenet. I'd get WiMax then, as cablenet isn't worth it IMO.

what kind of wimax do you suggest, it should be cheap though>>are there no other cablenet companies here in karachi other then wc and ptcl??

Cablenet isn't provided by WC nor PTCL.

As for cablenet being available in your area, you would have to ask around and look for banners. I don't know that area very well so can't help. For WiMax there is Wateen, I'm not too sure about rates but they should be on their website. As for WiMax initial cost is high but monthly is decent/low.

Overall for internet WC and DSL(only PTCL and MAXCOM) are worth getting, but you can't get them for the reason you have stated. How about you try getting the Biz packages from WC I've heard the customer support for those packages is really good and service is overall better.

jack by wc means wc wireless......???

i think delta cable net is available in your area (not sure) if you want i will give their number

kratos >>by wc i meant worldcall internet ordinary cable

saad>>>yeah man whats is their number?

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kratos >>by wc i meant worldcall internet ordinary cable

saad>>>yeah man whats is their number?


i got this number from my friend long tyme ago its a mobile number:


thnx saad i will check it out