Suggest a GPU for the following specs

AOA every1, im glad 2 use WP after a long tym :)

Currently I'm having the following desktop system and planning to buy a good GPU for it.

CPU : Core i3 530 2.93 GHz


HDD : Seagate 500 GB

Mobo : Asus P7H55-V

PSU : Cooler Master Extreme 460 Watts

Casing : Cooler Master Elite 334 Nvidia Edition

OS : Widows 7 Ultimate- 64bit

My budget is around 8K to 10K so please suggest me a good graphics card.

Thanx in advance. :rolleyes:

Nvidia or ATI?

Anyways, if you can increase your budget to 11K, then you can get the ATI HD6750 1GB, which is a great performer.

I am not sure which brand is right for me..plz suggest one...and HD6750 is not a nyc choice I guess where we are about to invest 11K..!!

The brand really doesn't matter much unless you're a fanboy.

Well... you can go for an ATI HD6670 1GB for 8k, its pretty decent.

Or if you don't mind buying a secondhand one, you can get alot of good Graphic cards in your budget.

what kind of games do you play. How big is your monitor/lcd (in inches eg. 19, 20 inches??).

what resolution do you play your games at??

let us know so we can suggest a appropriate graphic card for you??

ps: the 6750 is one of the best cards in the 11000 range. If you can increase your budget then you can go for a better card.

I'll play games like Crysis 2...nd' I am about to purchase HP x20 LED which is 20" with a resolution of 1600 x 900.

Plz ensure that the card you buy meets the PSU requirements

@ deffury : thanx for notifying.

^No Problem..

BTW I think you should also increase RAM to at least 3GB....

Overall, I think a budget of Rs15K should be required for a proper upgrade..

Ok, how about GT 440 ? It seems like a powerful card ?

gt 440 is not a very good card for gaming at your 1600 by 900 resolution.

If your want to buy a card within the 10000 rs budget then the 4850 (9500 rs) and gts 250 is the best performance wise.

Then at a lower price the 9800 gt (not the green edition) comes and then the 5670 (or 6670 which is 10 percent faster only).

I am using a 4850 with a 20 inch acer lcd and I have had no problems playing any games (including crysis 2) in medium to high settings. Please note that the 4850 is direct x 10 card and the newer games are direct x 11, even then I have had no problem in any latest games I play.

But I need a card with direct x11 :(

I think HD 6670 will be a nyc option to stick wid ?

6670 is a much weaker card then the 9800 gt, gts 250 or the 4850.

I miss nothing when I'am playing at direct x 10.1.

anyways it is up to to you.

Okay but plz tell whether i should buy an HIS or XFX brand ?

both are generally good, just check their ports, speed, Overclocking capabilities and Accessories.

[quote=“deffury, post:16, topic:15451”]

both are generally good, just check their ports, speed, Overclocking capabilities and Accessories.


So I have decided to go for HD 6750…its final…now pleas guide me if my choice is right ?

5750 are very good cards and are available in the following brands in pakistan:


xfx, his and asus

Msi, his and asus have the best warranty. XFX (and inno3d) are the cheapest but some models have bad coolers on them, that is why they are the cheapest cards in Pakistan. I suggest you go for a 5750 in msi, his or asus brand.

Ok 5750 sounds good..but then GTS 450 I GB GDDR5 kicks in...then which 1 is better..GTS 450 or HD 5750 ?

You should at the very least get a 6790, if you truly want to enjoy gaming at acceptable frame rates at 1600x900 resolution. Or a GTS 450, but I think 6790 beats it in performance.