Suggest a good pc please

my friend is looking for a good pc, his budget for board, ram, processor and gpu is maximum 30K (he already have a 500GB hd, 400w psu and casing). He is not a gamer at all but he needs this pc for Graphic Designing tools like photoshop, corel draw and mainly for maya.

I am recommending him:

ASUS P7H55-MLX Mother board 7200

INTEL CORE i3 540 3.06Ghz 11500

4GB Kingston/corsair Ram 4300

ATI 5550 DDR3 1GB 128 bit 6100

Total 29100

So please give your suggestion specially for GPU, is it fine (never used ATI before)


GPU is not recomanded..

I think GTX series is better than that..

Well the approximate prices that you have mentioned may vary depends upon the coast of the product and quality the ram will be quite less then you expect so it will be within you'r budget and no need to worry .

Computers which are used for graphic design need to have::

1. plenty of ram

2. capability of multi-tasking in processor

3. at least 2 monitors/lcds are better so as to get more work done in smaller time. Monitors have to be accurate in displaying good colors. Luckily great 24 inch monitors are available second hand and very cheaply in the market nowadays.

4. you need to see if your friends power supply is up to supporting a

good video card?

5. a graphic card with great 2d (NOT A GAMING CARD)

2D display quality and color accuracy are important in graphic work. Quadro and Firepro

graphic cards are the best for display quality, but they can be a

little expensive. Again second hand cards are cheaply available in the market.

Because not many people buy them as they are for graphic work only. I just saw a great

ati firepro for 2000 rs (pci express with 512 ram).

here are some graphic cards

some of the above are available from agn. contact them to see what they have

6. keyboard with hot keys, again available cheaply second hand

7. mouse optical with scroll option.

8. media card reader to get out data quickly.

9. second hard drive for data backup.

so take the above into account when suggesting a pc for your friend.


Jack looks expert to me! :) Do consider his points.

The Gpu you are trying to get is not recommended by me at least, search for some better options. And if you are going to upgrade to any of these high end Gpu you'll be needing atleast 450watts PSU.

And please have you checked this mobo's spec. is it good enough for multimedia thing? coz i don't think so.