Suggest a computer build

assalam o alaikum guys,

I want to buy an gaming pc my range is 15k-20k i want a mid end gaming pc tht can play most of the games form 2007-2010

and i am not rich so plz tell me some inexpensive parts for the CPU i live in hyderabad if u can also tell me where would i get those parts i would be very grateful to you guys.

Thanks in advance :)

you want to buy new or second hand parts?

I think you should consult with any shop keeper who can guide you about your range dear because now almost every person has upgraded PCs and I personally don't know about low range PC and I have PC from MainGear Vybe it cost near to 1 lac 4th generation's cor i5.

Abdullah Shah Get a AMD Dual Core Processor , a 200 GB HDD , 2 or 3GB of RAM , and get a used GPU which would cost about 3-5k,If you want to play games without GPU then you will be able to play games(from 2007-10) on low settings.