Sugesstion needed regarding mobile purchase

friends i need some sugestion regarding cell phone purchase yesturday i went to mobil market 2 buy a smart phone with a friend there was a shop keeper who known to my friend he showed me 3 smart phones 1 was apple i phone 3gs 16gb (used) in 15k and oter 2 were samsung galaxy y new pack with 1 year mobo warranty in 12500 memory card and eat phone included. and 3rd was htc explorer new pack in 12800 but without warrant and no memory card and ear phone in the box. now friends plz sugesst me which one i should go for i m total new to the android world or apple software waiting for your kind suggestion thanx.

Personally, I don't like iPhone. However, if you want an "easier learning process" phone and you are not interested in customizing then go for iPhone. Because iPhone is pretty much "factory set" by Apple. Of course, you can add apps but the things that Apple has set for you will remain same. iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, buy which is the most you can afford because they are the only ones that currently updated by Apple. But do read the limitations before buying it. By the way, iPhone is a status symbol. Everybody becomes impressed by looking at the phone and saying "oh, you have iPhone".

Personally, I am Android fan. I love Android. I can customize many things (including home screen). I can add widgets to home screens (can't do in iPhone). I can use many apps to extend the output from phone. I use my phone for more than just talk/SMS, I use it like a real smart phone. It's almost a mini computer in my hand (I email, read news, use Skype, remotely control devices/servers, edit office documents, edit images, write small scripts, tune my guitar, play music, play movies, control my computer, blah blah blah). Both HTC Explorer and Samsung Galaxy Y are good. Try to use both of the phones and buy only which you find better in your hand. Check and compare the camera quality, screen quality and other things before buying. HTC UI is slightly more richer than Samsung UI but Samsung's UI is not bad either. I have used both companies and I find both of them are good. But HTC UI gives more "bells and whistles" out-of-the-box. And if you go to Android, then remember, customize the phone to your need. Add apps, widgets and everything that you want from your phone. But be prepare to switch off the services you don't want to save the battery. But if you don't want the hassle then go for iPhone. But for me, Android is THE phone OS that I want.

First of all, leave Galaxy Y. It won't offer you better performance than either HTC Explorer or 3GS. Has an older ARMv6 processor core and much lower RAM than HTC.

Between HTC Explorer and 3GS, competition is tough. You'll have to decide based on what features you want. I bought an HTC Explorer few days back from, with 1 year warranty for 13k.

Did some research before buying and settled for this, as it even outperforms Galaxy Gio in terms of speed and responsiveness. Why? Even though it has 600MHz CPU, it comes with a newer ARMv7 core offering better performance and supports newer apps like flash in browser, which gio / Y don't support.

It has 512MB RAM which is much more than 3GS and Gio / Y. Great for multitasking! So far I've found it to be a GREAT phone in such price range!! The only little drawback I think is its camera. It doesn't has LED Flash nor autofocus. It's 3MP but not that great camera... I can't say for 3GS camera performance as I haven't used personally. Explorer's videos are pretty good however.

Advantages of 3GS are... 3.5 inch screen vs 3.2 of HTC, large internal memory & better camera. That's about it!! Nothing more. I'm not sure if it comes with earphones or not but Explorer don't come with any, nor any microSD card.

Decision is up to you!

Explorer is the best than 3gs in the said price range.

i will also suggest you android phone because android phones are very better then I phone .......................