Sugesst Andrio used Phone Under 10k With 5mp Rear Cam And Front Cam

Hello Frind.

I Want To Buy A Mid Rang Android Phone With At Least Under 10k With 5mp Rear Cam And Front Cam.

My Max Range Is 10k . I Wanna Buy it in Used.

Increase your budget a bit and get a brand new Qmobile A51. It is much better than anything else you can get for that price.

You can read my own review of it here:

+1 to Qmobile A51


Get HTC Cha Cha

^ Yep, ChaCha is a good option as well if you're looking for a 'branded' phone. I've never had as much fun texting as on that phone.

Coincidentally enough, I had written a review for that as well, you can read it here if you want:

Find an used Ascend G510. You can get it in your range or slightly above.