Studies Help [ F.A]?

Salam Everyone !

I just gave F.Sc exams and i know i will fail in them because of Maths because i suck at it and actually didn't want to do it. Now i am going to do Diploma in Animation from Arena Multimedia and after that i can get admission in B.Sc abroad. But my father advised me to get formal education too besides it so he suggested me to compete F.Sc then give private papers of B.A from Allama Iqbal Open University i cannot do F.Sc. I think its better if i choose Arts course. My friend told me that there are three subjects which you have to choose in place of Chemistry, physics and Maths i.e; Civics, Education etc. and other are compulsory like Eng,Urdu,Isl etc.

Now i want to confirm that what combinations are available under BISERwp ? Remember i want to get rid of Maths and my friend also told me that there is no maths in that so.. Any other suggestions are welcomed too, Thanks!


Why don't you give one more try to MATHS as Engineering field is very vast. :)

I am not going to do Maths again at any cost.

Maths sux :P think about doing LAW

Nah man ! I am going to Animation that's why i am thinking about Arts (F.A) , in F.Sc Pre-engr. there is nothing for me.

Why you haven't chosen biology then when you was applying for F.Sc ?

It was my father's advise.

I think you'll need mathematics in animation field too, maths is everywhere, you can't skip it, i'll suggest give it one more try.

Mathematics is lyk a part of lyf n nature u can't run away from it......damn i started lovin it afta my O-levels!

sani take supplementary exam of maths instead of doing FA, passing maths by securing 33 marks is better than doing FA for you....

At basic animation levels you probably don't care whatever maths and physics is involved. But if some day, you're to become a hardcore animator, then make sure you have some physics and maths handy.

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sani take supplementary exam of maths instead of doing FA, passing maths by securing 33 marks is better than doing FA for you…

This is the best way for you Sani.

F.Sc is way prior then F.A.....F.A is of no importance..jus try passing the math exam and get ur FSc certificate instead...!

^And after getting your certificate join different academies to be prepare well for Entry tests of Engineering colleges. Man you just need some time to concentrate on MATH's then it'll be fine for you.'s only a mind set.....i too had tht in O-levels.....i was gud at Biology...but once i started working hard in A-levels i easily started getin A's above 90%.....all about concentrating and makin up ur mind!!!

^Exactly what I can get in case of Sani, he don't want to give a single try to MATH's. He has already put some thoughts in his mind that he'll never able to do MATH's. Nothing is impossible and difficult in this world. Only 'Hardwork' matters :)

you shall re-appear in the math paper. Man, its just one paper. Get some tuition and grab the last 5 years exam papers and concentrate a bit and there u go.

O.k to some extent i agree with you guys that Maths is also important in Animation but i am studying Differentiation and Integration in F.Sc and i will have to give supplementary of both Part 1 and Part 2 so it will waste my time. When i will be doing Diploma i won't have much time to do all this. As i am going to diploma, so doing F.A is best choice because i can do Intermediate this way and then B.A. After completing my Diploma i can apply for B.Sc abroad if i will have some financial support. Doing F.Sc Maths is very difficult and unnecessary for at this moment because i never concentrate on Maths. :)

^Hmm ok. So you never concentrate on MATH's. :D

Sani, lets suppose you have done BS.c but what will you do after that?

I will do job or i can do M.A because i am doing B.A too.