Stressed - Need Suggestions

Hello friend ,

I have very rare ( maybe ) problem . my dsl only works when i put phone receiver off from the phone when i put receiver on the phone dsl disconnects . i have 4MB connection and facing this problem since 2-3 weeks . complain 3 times techician visited and told me there is no problem from exchange or dp . change spitller i did change spittler even change wires etc etc .

i am getting different streams everytime its disconnects and connects again like 1345 Downstream sometimes below 300 sometimes 3000+ .

i need suggestions to fix it


Ask ur lineman to change your Pairs from Pole , Cabinet , Exchange.

Thats all u need

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Ask ur lineman to change your Pairs from Pole , Cabinet , Exchange.

Thats all u need


I have done that . still same problem . when i put off the receiver from phone it connects :( otherwise syncing never end :(

disconnect my friend, just disconnect. if they can't fix the problem, ditch ptcl.


There is likely to be rusted/water damaged joint somewhere as:

- when phone is put off the hook, a small current exists on the line

- this helps the signals to 'jump' over open connections

- this is called high open fault

What you can do is:

- get the lineman to make new joints regardless of condition (cut out old exposed wires)

- try to get a better pair or fiber connection

- use re-adsl modulation scheme that uses higher voltages (essentially the same as phone off hook condition) as a last resort ... there are other ways like hooking up a small battery to the line but not recommended ... just complain about noise on the line until the lineman checks the joints again!



if it get on different stream rate and only work with the receiver off then there is some noise problem check your telephone set, try by disconnecting your phone and directly connect router to main telephone wire without any splitter etc maybe that helps

Thanks for all suggestions at last its fixed . now getting exact 4MB :) . the main wire was damaged . regards