Stream recording

what are the stream recorders like youtube and other sites??? i am currently using real player for it... but that only works in internet explorer and i want something to work in firefox... anyone got anything for easy recording on firefox

here are two methods:


If you are using firefox then the addon by the name of "DownloadHelper" is simply the best.

no, the best is Flashgot a fantastic extension of firefox as mentioned saad above.

What abt rtsp/mms/http stream recording. anyone ever got success with that?


"The addon i mentioned in above post is only for the embedded media not for stream recording."

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wmrecorder is the best tool i have come across for rtsp/mms/http. i have been using it for a couple of years now.

The another best is Hidownload for recording rtsp/mms/http streaming media.

The following link contains a list of all types of streams' recording softwares and their properties.

you can have a look and use them according to your need.

try the grabber in internet download manager

Try Net Transport