Strange spots on laptop screen after cleaning

I used a cleaner to clean my laptop screen. After I was done with cleaning, I left the laptop and when after a hour i came back and turned it on, it had the following spots on the lower right edge (these are now less severe than they initially were when the spots appeared).

Anyone having idea how have they emerged, and any cure ? So far they have been only made better by keeping laptop in sunlight

Which cleaner it was?

Looks like a temporary residue left by that cleaner. Get a mixture of 1:1 IPA and water and clean again. If you can't get IPA, you can use methylated spirit which is easily available from medical stores.

Here is what I used

Where can I get 1:1 IPA mixture from ?

Thanks for the suggestion

IPA is Iso Propyle Alcohol. It should be available from scientific stores. If you can't get, you can use normal medical spirit.

You can try soapy water cloth, remember to squeeze the cloth after dipping in soapy water. There should be no dripping water from the cloth.

The purpose of IPA, spirit or soap is to easily clean off the residue and other oily stuff.

Use a Q-tip to apply any cleaner. I used dettol or perhaps methylated spirit on a 2nd hand phone i bought. The display went dull. Did you try DW-40 ?

I guess you mean WD-40. Nah never used it on any of gadgets. It's not meant for gadgets anyways.

At first I thought these spots are inside the screen. I opened my laptop and discovered that was not the case. Probably some reaction of the cleaner with the screen.

Hi everyone

I finally managed to open up the LCD screen and found that the cleaner liquid i used had actually penetrated upto the LCD (further below the glass). I tried to clean it and only managed to get rid of some of the spots but it looked the crystals had been penetrated by it and they seemed unrepairable.

Unfortunately, when I put up the screen back, I had just lost it. It no more worked and I had to get replacement LCD for Rs. 5800 :(

So what it the moral of this story?

Surf excel " daagh to achay hotay hain"

Well the moral is never use any liquid in excess to clean laptop :D

Always follow the cleaning instructions recommended by the manufacturer in the users manual.

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