Strange Router Problem


1.Using PTCL Dsl 2mb on optic fibre

2.I had bought a Micronet ADSL wireless Router from market(Not From MBL), that was working all fine till.

Link to my Router


I stumbled into such a situation that torrents were working fine (2ookbps) but it couldn't even open a single website..

I changed the router and yes everything was working fine again.

So it was definitely not my isp and the router that had sum kind of prob in it , That i cant diagnose :(


somebody plz help

look for dns

Just a thought:

Maybe the DNS Servers were preconfigured in the Micronet Modem+Router? Is it set to automatically receive DNS or is it set manually to a Micronet DNS server?

You might also want to post the settings of WAN ADSL and LAN here...(snapshots of your modem settings).


Uploaded with

There also something that router works fine for sometime and den again same problem :) , may be something to do with heat problem


You are getting Line Attenuation of 0?

What Attenuation do you get in the other router that you mention?

yea, thats cause i am on fibre optic :) , other router ...i dont know about it :(

My problem :( ?

So what specific problem are you having now?

Websites do not load?

The problem

I cant surf the net

or i can partially, like

i can open and jst my home page and nothing else

bt speed on torrents x just fine :(

when i initially turn on the router, it works great for sum-time bt then again same prob

partial browsing with frequent bouts of no no browsing