Strange problem... no other site opening except Google


i am having bad time with ptcl yet again, since last night my broadband starting acting strange and i am not being able to open any other website than google ones, i can open and even but facebook, cricinfo, wiredpakistan, yahoo, msn and hundreds of others are not opening.... i tried changing browsers and all browsers i used including IE, Google Chrome, FF, Avant... all of them giving same error like Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to, my adsl stats are perfectly fine, i even checked ipv4 settings and changed google dns servers which i was using to opendns and then to ptcl but nothing changed .... i am facing same problem on other pc's in home as well... please telll me what could be solution to this ... thx

Statistics -- ADSL

Mode: ADSL2+

Type: Interleave

Line Coding: Trellis On

Status: No Defect

Link Power State: L0

Downstream Upstream

SNR Margin (dB): 29.5 13.9

Attenuation (dB): 34.5 16.2

Output Power (dBm): 18.2 12.6

Attainable Rate (Kbps): 18580 1234

Rate (Kbps): 4092 1022

MSGc (number of bytes in overhead channel message): 60 11

B (number of bytes in Mux Data Frame): 20 13

M (number of Mux Data Frames in FEC Data Frame): 1 16

T (Mux Data Frames over sync bytes): 6 9

R (number of check bytes in FEC Data Frame): 16 16

S (ratio of FEC over PMD Data Frame length): 0.1629 6.9565

L (number of bits in PMD Data Frame): 1817 276

D (interleaver depth): 384 8

Delay (msec): 15 13

Yes same problem here from last night. only google and youtube working. i created another post regarding this issue also :s

you used proxy to get through wired site? it wasn't opening for me so i used


thx for the help man... no proxy site was opening either... i mostly use and even its not opening... but the one u gave has worked... thx again brother

i just got call from exchange that some problem has occurred at ptcl end from karachi thats why some exchanges are not working properly and most probably this will be solved today in an hour or 2.

@akku .... whts ur location?

karachi in johar, maybe mqm has anything to do with it? complete shutdown just cuz of mr imran death.

Same problem here but I am from Attock.

yea me too from Attock

From where in Attock? Gondal exchange?

Yup Gondal exchange

Ok try now. Browsing just started working again. Btw gondal exchange here too.

oh yea, it has started working... niceeee... to my knowledge Gondal exchange serve 3 villages, Haji shah, Mansar and Gondal itself... so which one is your's...

Well I am in the wretched AK-Center. Btw I am the one who got the DSLAM installed at the exchange :P :p

oh alright so are the one... DE attock told me someone from Ak center got this dslam installed but i never knew it could be some wiredpakistan member... only army or politicians can move things around in pakistan.... you surely have helped other residents of mansar... and i am one of them

10months of suffering!! lol Well now there are other issues which I am pursuing which are A LOT harder than this DSLAM. The Gondal exchange's copper infrastructure is non-existent, its pretty bad & the distance between AK-Center & Exchange is quite a lot (65 Attenuation here lol ) because of that my connection doesn't work at full 4meg (its fluctuates between 2.5-3.2). So either I'll have to get a mini-exchange installed in AK-Center or to get the route shortened out. zzzz though the likeliness of this happening is quite less cause my DSL is working & I won't be that much focused on this like I used to with the installation of DSLAM.

btw where are you from? Mansar bazaar?

hmmmm long and serious plans.... i myself getting around 3.6mbit on 4mb connection.... but my attenuation never gets over 35 .... nope i am not from bazaar (yyucckk i hate it) but from other side of mansar....

hmm your sync rate is 4096 which is 4meg (by looking at your first post). You shouldn't have any problems at all cause with the sync rate cause your SNR & Attenuation both are good.

Look at my stats lol

Mode: G.DMT

Type: Interleave

Line Coding: Trellis On

Status: No Defect

Link Power State: L0

Downstream Upstream

SNR Margin (dB): 9.4 9.0

Attenuation (dB): 61.0 31.5

Output Power (dBm): 18.3 12.3

Attainable Rate (Kbps): 2752 972

Rate (Kbps): 2464 800

hmm really miserable

btw what IP series are you getting connected with. 182.x.x.x or 119.x.x.x or 203.x.x.x?

Oh & do you have a dialer to connect to internet or its automatic.

currently my ip starting with 182.x ... seems like ptcl shifted the load to someother backbone.... me having auto connecting using pppoE

now this is my current speed test


Would you believe it... its 4mb